Private Event - St. Petersburg: Private Reception at the Catherine Palace

Private Event – St. Petersburg: Reception at the Catherine Palace

Every time we say we have a favorite Private Event, we find a new one that we love the most. Our new favorite is the Private Reception at Catherine’s Palace in St. Petersburg on the Baltic Delights itinerary.
The palace is opened just for Windstar, with guides available to take guests (champagne in hand of course) through the palace including the Throne Room, opulent Grand Ballroom, and the famous Amber Room, which was originally constructed in the 18th century with mirrored walls and the utmost grandeur. The room disappeared during World War II but was recreated in 2003 and is now a top tourist destination in St. Petersburg, often eliciting long lines during the tourist season… but not for you on your private tour. Before the room was lost, it was considered an “Eighth Wonder of the World.” You can see why on this special evening.
Period costumes abound, as dancers entertain you at the palace, so it’s easy to feel as though Catherine herself has welcomed you to her home. There is a farewell dance in the courtyard before you are whisked back to your yacht.

How’s that for a night of feeling like a king/queen?
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