Things to do in Sorrento in 24 hours

Awash with the scent of lemon and orange trees mingling with the sea breeze and perfectly cliff perched to take in stunning views of the Bay of Naples, the Amalfi Coast and the island of Capri, Sorrento is an exceptionally lovely destination. Quintessentially Italian with a charming small-town feel, Sorrento is home to gorgeous terraces,

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Travel Tips

Get in the know before you go, with our exclusive travel tips.

Cruise Packing List

Are you wondering what to pack for your next cruise? No matter where you’re heading, traveling is a thrilling experience, from the moment you book …

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32 Cruise Packing Hacks

Going on a cruise? Cruise travel is the ultimate escape and something to get excited about. From the feel of the briny ocean breeze on …

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Cruise Preparation Checklist

Taking a cruise requires some planning and preparation, but it’s worth every step. If you give yourself enough time and know what you need to …

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Simple Travel Tips

Traveling the world is one of the most awe-inspiring activities you can do. It makes you more cultured and allows you to experience the best …

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What to Wear On a Cruise During the Day

Packing for a vacation can sometimes feel daunting. If it’s your first time booking a cruise, you may be even more overwhelmed with deciding what …

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Travel Photography Tips and Tricks

Whether you’re traveling somewhere familiar or are experiencing a new place, you’ll want some beautiful photos to help you remember the trip. You could take …

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Things to do in Sorrento in 24 hours

Awash with the scent of lemon and orange trees mingling with the sea breeze and perfectly cliff perched to take in stunning views of the …

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What to do in ROVINJ in 24 hours

It is hard to describe Rovinj as anything other than gorgeous and to come here and not be charmed is impossible. Bordering the Adriatic, Rovinj’s …

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The best Things to do in Rome in 24 hours

While Paris is often called the most romantic city in the world there are many who would argue the title should really go to Rome, …

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Top Things to do in PortoFino in 24 hours

One of the Italian Riviera’s jewels, pint-sized Portofino has that quintessential Mediterranean beauty and enchantment which exactly matches many people’s imaginings of the postcard idyllic. …

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Top Things to do in Dubrovnik in 24 hours

Croatia’s capital city and widely regarded as one of the most brilliant jewels in this corner of the world, Dubrovnik was built on the wealth …

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Things to do in Portoferraio in 24 hours

Largest of the Italian islands save for Sardinia and Sicily, Elba is a rich tapestry made up of all the cultures and civilizations which have …

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Looking for an urban oasis or beachfront escape discover where to go next.

Eat + Drink

Discover exquisite local flavors and innovative culinary creations.

Behind the Scenes with Chef Anthony Sasso on a culinary themed cruise

There is a reason chefs work in kitchens. For some, it’s because they grew up in them, watching a mother or father roast chickens or …

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James Beard Foundation Culinary Cruise Review

Windstar Cruises’ affiliation with the James Beard Foundation provided us with much more than we expected as we cruised the western Mediterranean islands on the …

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Seared Sea Scallops, Smoked Bacon, Grilled Asparagus with Fresh Garden Peas, Citrus Butter Sauce Recipe

Seared Sea Scallops Serves 4 people 16 u 10 – 20  Scallops 12 Spears Grilled Asparagus Butter Sauce Garnish Pea Puree Olive Oil Sugar Salt …

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Mushroom Polpettine, Polenta & Basil Oil Recipe

Mushroom Polpettine 3 lbs         Mushrooms shiitake stem removed 2 sprigs   Whole rosemary 2 sprigs   Whole thyme 1/4 Cup   Extra Virgin Olive oil 1               Whole Egg …

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Tomato & Watermelon Salad, Burgos Cheese, Shaved Onion Recipe

Salad 5          Each Heirloom Tomatoes 1          Each Watermelon 1          Each Red Onions 2 tsp   Chive Chopped 1 ½     Cup Burgos Cheese 1          Cup Crunchy …

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Ahi Tuna Tartare Wakame Salad Recipe

4 oz Fresh Tuna Loin 2 oz Wakame Salad 2 tsp Scallion Chopped 2 tsp Shallots brunoise 2 tsp Sesame Oil 2 tsp Soy Sauce …

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Birthday Group Celebration On A Luxury Cruise to Tahiti

When my husband asked what I wanted to do for my 40th birthday, I knew I wanted it to be special but with a birthday …

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Honoring a Hero: Korean War Veteran H.J. Burley Smith Retracing History on Windstar Cruises

During a Memorial Ceremony organized by the Korean Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs (MPVA), Brigadier General (retired) and MPVA Director General Kim Kwang-woo (left) …

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A Poem About Cruising on Star Legend

Last week our returning guest – Mr. Richard Stevens wrote a beautiful poem about cruising on Star Legend. From Hong Kong and Bangkok’s energetic embrace …

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Windstar Cruises Celebrates Romance with Wedding Vow Renewal Packages

When we (Dawn West and Rod Kingdon) arrived onboard Star Pride we knew we were going to have our wedding vow ceremony on board the …

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Windstar President’s Cruise Honors Crew, Promotes Understanding

The sold-out second edition of the Windstar President’s Cruise sailed from Singapore to Hong Kong on a 14-night itinerary. Heavily loaded with ports of call …

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Why Honeymoons on Windstar Cruises are the Best

As an avid traveler who is married to somebody who has not yet had much of a chance to explore, planning our honeymoon was a …

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Celebrations that are 180° degrees from ordinary.

windstar buzz

Looking for the latest news from Windstar Cruises? This is where you will find it.

Windstar Cuts The Second Steel At Fincantieri Shipyard To Continue Its $250 Million Star Plus Initiative for Star Legend Cruise Ship

On September 5th, 2019 at Fincantieri’s shipyard, in Palermo, Italy, Christopher Prelog, Vice President of Fleet Operations for Seattle-based Windstar Cruises, pushed the button which …

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Windstar Cruises’ All-In Package

We are excited to offer a new inclusive onboard package with exceptional value on everything needed for the perfect vacation. Guests who purchase Windstar’s new …

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Windstar Cuts The First Steel At Fincantieri Shipyard To Begin Its $250 Million Star Plus Initiative

On April 2nd, 2019 at Fincantieri’s shipyard “Arsenale Triestino San Marco”, in Trieste, Italy, John Gunner, Vice President of Expansion Projects for Windstar Cruises, pushed …

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Windstar Cruises’ Wind Surf Anchors in Barbuda to Hand-deliver Relief Funds for the Island’s School

In September 2017, the tiny island of Barbuda was hit by Hurricane Irma, a devastating Category 5 storm. Two weeks later it was hit again …

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Exclusive Easy Stays Hotel Program by Windstar Cruises

We make sure you don’t miss a beat of adventure on land and the high seas by curating everything the minute you arrive at the …

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Exclusive Insight on Windstar Cruises $250 Million Star Plus Initiative

We couldn’t be more excited about Windstar Cruises $250 Million Star Plus Initiative. Not only will the three Star-Class vessels’ engines be completely replaced, but …

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