New Cruise Beverage Packages for Every Taste

Windstar’s new beverage packages are the perfect complement to your cruise. For everyone from wine dabblers to wine connoisseurs, cocktail enthusiasts and spirits lovers, you’re sure to find an option that suits you. All non-alcoholic beverages aboard Windstar ships are complimentary, but you may want to enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail under the setting sun, choose a wine to pair with your evening meal, or end the night sipping scotch as you sail under the stars. Get immediate access to the bar upon your arrival, without any hassles, and bring your drink with you as you wander the deck.

As a package perk, all non-package wine bottles are 30% off, up to a retail value of $100. In addition, there is no corkage fee for any wine our beverage package guests bring onboard. Purchase bottles in port and enjoy them throughout the rest of your journey.

Woman with a wine glass on cruise ship

The Voyager’s Adventure and Topmast Discoveries wine packages include a healthy mix of new and old world wines, offering a boutique selection to choose from. Many of the offered choices come from regions visited on Windstar itineraries, including Bordeaux, France and Barcelona, Spain. Peter Tobler, Windstar’s Director of Hotel Operations, had a few favorites to suggest at each tier level:

The recommendation made from the Topmast Discoveries tier is Marco Felluga’s Pinot Grigio from Collio, Italy. This white makes an excellent match with light fish dishes, and lemon and other citrus. Offering an intense and immediate bouquet, this golden wine warms with hints of acacia flower, broom and apple. Elegant and full-bodied, it leaves with a remarkably long finish.

The Captain’s Exclusive package includes a wide array of spirits and beers, including Dalmore Single Malt Whisky, distilled less than 5 miles outside of Invergordon, Scotland, a port visited on our Gaelic Explorers and Norwegian Fjords & Scottish Isles itineraries. A deep amber, this whisky is best sipped and savored: flavors of citrus, chocolate, and spice are followed by a roasted coffee finish, making this a perfect after-dinner drink.

red wine being poured in wine glass

Beverage Packages must be purchased within the first two days and will be charged from the day of purchase onwards. Prices do not include the standard 15% beverage service charge. Bottles of wine and champagne are excluded from the package. Please note the minimum drinking age aboard Windstar Cruises is 21 years old. The new Beverage Packages are now offered on all Windstar Cruises ships. This package can be purchased as a part of All-in package on all Windstar Cruises’ voyages.

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Debra Kawaller
4 years ago

Is it possible to bring bottles of wine on board at the boarding without purchasing a wine package. If yes is there a corkage fee and how many bottles can be brought on?

Reply to  Debra Kawaller
4 years ago

Per cruisecritic
Bringing alcohol onboard at embarkation: Passengers may bring two bottles (750ml) of wine or Champagne for a seven-night cruise, or three bottles for cruises in duration of eight nights or longer. The outside beverages may be consumed in the dining room or other public areas on the ship for a $15 corkage fee; there is no fee for consumption within passengers’ staterooms.

4 years ago

Can you bring a bottle of scotch onboard or is it limited to wine/champagne

Libby Dunlap
4 years ago

What is average cocktail price without package?

Karl Olson
3 years ago

is it possible to see the current wine list and by the glass selections?

Lanel Mah
Reply to  Karl Olson
3 years ago

It’s on Windstar’s website under plan a voyage – general questions. Here it is: See page 2 for drink list:

Richard J Brunner
3 years ago

I’ve read at least a dozen travel rag articles outlining Windsars introduction of Sommeliers into the fleet. Each of these articles touts the beverage packages and the $5 per day discount on the drink package for “Star Collector” voyages. My problem: when talking to Windstar’s agents, they are clueless about the Star Collector discount. Considering the confusion on this issue, I’d like to book our Top Mast package in advance of our February Star Collector cruise on the Pride. Are they uninformed or have all of theses travel magazines made a mistake? I can provide links to many references, if… Read more »

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