How Will Your Family Celebrate Father’s Day This Year? We’ve Got a Few Ideas

Finding the perfect way to please dad for Father’s Day is a challenge. You can only rely on power tools and barbecue accessories a few times before you have to get a little more creative. The key is to first decide what kind of dad you have. Is he a history buff? Would he enjoy a rugged hike? Does he like being in the water as much as he loves cruising on it? I’ve built a Windstar Dad list, mostly from watching the best dad I know — my husband — light up with joy at somewhat surprising things while cruising with Windstar.

Boating Dad needs a trip to Venice — because there are boats.

My husband expressed no particular interest in visiting Venice. I should not have been surprised though, when he fell deeply, madly in love with the boats of Venice. Every last one of them. From the perfectly polished Rivas to the UPS delivery boats — he couldn’t take his eyes (or his camera) off the boats.

And the best part of cruising to or from Venice with Windstar for a Boating Dad is the joy of doing it on a Wind Class yacht.

Imagine Hiking Dad adding the Oia-to-Fira trail in Santorini to his list of accomplishments.

Oia (pronounced EE yah) is the town perched on the cliffs at the far northwestern tip of the island of Thira (the official name for Santorini). Fira (fee RAH) is the town with the cable car. There’s a trail that connects the two cities that has been called one of the most scenic hikes in all the Greek Isles. Some even go as far as to call it the hike of a lifetime.

The trail is 6.5 miles (10.5 km), has a very mild change in elevation and takes three to five hours. The hike can be done in either direction, combined with a taxi ride going the other way. You may also find guided tours (to book independently) that include transportation and highlights along the way.

Water-Loving Dad would be right at home on the water sports platform in Tahiti or the Caribbean

Kayaking off Windstar’s sports platforms, available on all ships, is a highlight of any cruise experience.

The water sports platform on any Windstar ship is how dad can make a big splash. With just a hint of scuba diver snobbery, my husband has always been kind of “meh” when it comes to snorkeling. But with the aid of Wind Star’s magical platform, he spent more time in and on the water in the complimentary kayaks and paddleboards than on any cruise ever before. After splashing around in the Caribbean, he’s now dreaming of Tahiti

Instead of making Culinary Dad a charcuterie board, send him to Sicily

Sicily and sausages for the Culinary Dad when planning a Father’s Day gift of a cruise

There are a lot of places on the planet worthy of a food trip for dad, but I’ve got to tell you that my husband could not get enough of the cheese and meats found in the shops of Sicily. I’m always on the lookout for the perfect scoop of gelato, but those little cheese shops (negozio formaggi) lured hubs over their thresholds in every Sicilian port we visited. I think it’s mostly about the olives and salami, but he’s pretty fond of a good pecorino too.

If your Culinary Dad isn’t a fan of shopping, it’s OK. There’s likely to be a tasty display of Sicilian snackery courtesy of the ship’s chefs when the Deck Barbecue rolls around. And if dad enjoys a fine glass of wine with his food, Windstar has special Culinary and Wine cruises.

History-Loving Dad will key in on the most amazing details at the ruins in Ephesus

The best cruise story I have is of my husband asking our tour guide in the Terrace Houses at Ephesus a question about the plumbing. It was instantly like two guys swapping stories in an aisle at Home Depot. The rest of the tour was forgotten in favor of discussions about how the ancient Greeks hollowed out elbow joints in marble blocks to make turns in their elaborate plumbing schemes. I’m afraid they lost me when the talk turned to toilets.

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