We Ask You Answer: Where Do You Want to Return?

What are your “unfinished” cruise destinations? Where are the ports or countries you crave more of, even as you dream of new places? I think it’s common to have at least one place we’ve traveled to that calls us to return (pictured, above, is Finland’s Helsinki). Sometimes it’s simply because there were things we didn’t have time to see.  For me, it’s often more about the experiences I had in a destination, not the things I missed out on.

The more my senses are piqued by a place, the more I long to return. I’m intrigued by tiny cobblestone backstreets in old cities with their wooden doors and interesting hardware. I wander markets, studying the fruits and spices — which of course I must smell and taste. I enjoy viewing the sea and the ship from land — putting the vastness of it all into perspective.

Author Melinda Crow says that as much as she likes to discover new places, Bequia is a port that she’ll return over and over again.

As a travel writer, I have a built-in excuse to research cruises almost daily. The reality, though, is that I spend as much time online daydreaming about my potential next cruise as I do actually working. New, unexplored ports regularly battle in my daydreams with my own unfinished business. Talking to real people about their destination experiences is often the best way to uncover what others find interesting about a place. Facebook makes that easy. One group I enjoy — Windstar Cruises Passengers-Yacht Club — is filled with both long-time and new-to-Windstar travelers sharing their thoughts and questions.

I recently decided to pose the unfinished cruise business question to the group. Here are the top destinations members long to return to. Please feel free to join in the conversation by adding your own answers to the thread on Facebook or by sharing your unfinished business in the comment section below.

The biggest surprise for those who haven’t been there? Bequia

Bequia is a surprise and delight to Caribbean fans

Valerie Aaron had this to say about the tiny Southern Caribbean Island in the Grenadines: Bequia – can’t go back often enough or stay long enough!

I agree wholeheartedly. Bequia is one of those postcard-perfect island destinations that somehow stays unspoiled. It’s an idyllic spot for snorkeling, scuba diving, and beach dreaming. The best Bequia story I have is of a fellow passenger who was approaching her 90th birthday, cruising on Wind Star with her two sons. Using two hiking poles and with support from both sons, she made it from the ship to the beach. She found a perfect spot on the sand where the surf could wash over her feet, and her sons lowered her to the sand, before joining her. It was one of the most joyous things I’ve ever witnessed.

Not so surprising — Alaska

Misty Fjords Alaska
Alaska’s Misty Fjords feels like one of America’s most remote places

Peggy Sweeny Potochar had this to say: Alaska! Hope Windstar goes back. We did a 10-day land cruise starting in Fairbanks and it was incredible!

Windstar agrees with you, Peggy. The new Star Seeker will take Windstar guests back to Alaska in the summer of 2026. The best way to not miss out when these sailings open for booking is to make sure your name is on Windstar’s email list.

And then there is Tahiti

Star Breeze travels around the islands of French Polynesia all year long.

I must confess that though it calls to me every time I look at Windstar cruises, I have not made it to Tahiti yet. Facebook group members made a compelling case for squeezing it in. Jan Womack Hughes had this to say: … at 61 I said I’d likely not repeat places but I’m definitely going back to Tahiti. I left a piece of my heart there! It’s stunning!

Debbra Dunning Brouilette said this: French Polynesia… Bora Bora! …it was beautiful diving and even snorkeling in the lagoon! I haven’t been able to dive in so long though, I am missing it terribly!

You know you had me at diving and snorkeling, Debbra.

Another favorite: Europe’s Baltic Sea

Tallinn Estonia
Estonia’s Tallinn isn’t as well known as many Baltic Sea ports. It’s an enchanting surprise.

This one just in (I love a thread that people keep commenting on!): Northern Europe, particularly places like Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Writes Carolyn Spencer Brown, ” I’d add in another destination I’ve traveled to on Windstar: Northern Europe/Baltic! Helsinki has become one of my favorite ports in the region and I love to return whenever possible. Plus, in addition to marquee ports like Stockholm and Copenhagen, there are cool surprises (Estonia’s Tallinn is another fave).”

Mediterranean lovers speak out

Bustlling Taormina, perched high above the sea in Sicily, is one of the island’s best-known destinations

My own destination nagging me to return is Sicily. It arouses a deep curiosity beyond my love for Italy as a whole.

Chris Olthoff started a fun set of replies with this comment: Interested to see this. We are one time Windstar passengers and look at “Sicily Splendors” as something on our wishlist, but wonder if 10 days of Italy/Sicily is too much of the same thing. Would love input from anyone who’s done this one. It just intrigues us.

The consensus was that there’s no such thing as “too much Italy.” Elliana Vera answered Chris this way: Granted, I’ve been in Italy a lot as I have family there so basically been all over the country but there are way too many places to see and things to do but most importantly…food to eat!!! The Amalfi coast is so much different than Rome area or Sicily for example. Done a few WS cruises that included different parts of Italy and loved them all. Def. do it!! 

Several Facebookers also voiced desires to return to Croatia. I didn’t expect to fall in love with Croatia until I sat on the marble steps over Zadar’s magical Sea Organ. The clear water and the melodic song of the wave powered pipes  beneath the steps made me want to stay all day. The Adriatic Archipelagos and Greek Goddesses cruise visits four Croatian ports, including Zadar, if you are interested in experiencing it for yourself.

Elliana Vera was torn between Japan and Greece, saying this: I’d have to say that Greece is one and def. Japan. Done both more than once with WS and in other occasions but keep going back for more and feel we still have so much left to see there. Just did a WS Greek cruise in April again and already planning our next trip there. So many different islands to visit!

So, where’s your unfinished cruise business?

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Paul Deis
12 days ago

Athens to Rome booked for 2025. Looking forward to Alaska on Star Seeker in 2026

Reply to  Paul Deis
11 days ago

That’s awesome, Paul! –Carolyn

3 days ago

Depart/return out of Singapore on Legend! Sail around Indonesia, various islands/ports. Please?

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