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Interview with Windstar Diving Instructor

Maybe it’s because fall is approaching, but our thoughts today are drifting to the tropics… warm beaches, marine life, and crystal waters to be exact. We wish we were spending the day exploring marine life and spectacular coral formations, but some of our employees actually get to do just that nearly every day!

We have several dive instructors on board many of our sailings in the tropics, including Tahiti, and the Caribbean.These lucky individuals get to assist with organizing our Discover Scuba Program, as well as organize dives for certified divers.

Kuba R. is one such dive instructor, currently sailing on the Wind Spirit in Tahiti.Kuba
Windstar: How long have you been with Windstar?
Kuba: One year – sailing in both Costa Rica and Tahiti

Windstar: When did you start diving and how did you get into the sport?
Kuba: I learned to dive eight years ago when I was in the Maldives. And then in the UK I became certified to be an instructor.

Windstar: How did you get the job with Windstar/hear about the position?
Kuba: A friend of mine was working on one of the Windstar vessels and told me about the job.

Windstar: What is your favorite place in Tahiti to dive and why?
Kuba: Bora Bora is my favorite, as it has the widest choice of dive sites.

Windstar: What is the difference between Discover Scuba and the Certified Dive Program?
Kuba: The Discover Scuba program is designed for those who are not certified divers but who are interested in finding out more. The helpful instructors will give them personal attention as they learn the basics and discover some of the underwater world in Tahiti. They can then decide if it is something they want to become certified for and can then return home and start that process. The Certified Dive Program is for those who are certified and are ready to experience the underwater world.

Windstar: Why would I book a dive with Windstar as opposed to a local outfitter or dive shop?
Kuba: Windstar has great relationships with the tour companies that we use, and we have spent a lot of time making sure we use the most reliable companies. There can often be misunderstandings and late cancels with other companies, so we only work with the best. My team and I often accompany guests on the trips, and we always escort them to the boats that take them on their diving adventure.

Have a question about our dive program, or about what it’s like to be a dive instructor on Windstar? Leave them in the comments!



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Dec. 11, 2015 Tahiti and Tuamotu 10 day cruise – Question to Kuba R. (or whomever):
1) I’d like to be somewhat spontaneous signing up for dives (prefer doing it during cruise)… they sell out quickly and close to sign-ups (or is there always room for more)?
2) Is our visit to Tiputa/Ragoria too short for a 2 tank dive?
3) What are the 2 “not to be missed” dives on the itinerary?
4) Since December is the rainy season…is visibility compromised?
and lastly…
5) Anywhere to hang-up/dry dive gear on yacht besides our cabin shower?

Daniel Young

Tahiti cruise question. How much snorkeling is available on the 7 and 11-day trips? We worry that snorkelers take a back seat to divers.

N Carthun

Hello, we are newly certified and not quite confident. Is it possible to book a private guide on the diving excursion? We’re booked on a March sailing in Tahiti.

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