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We all feel it at some point: the soft tugging at our hearts calling us to explore, to get closer to the richness and humanity the world has to offer. Windstar Hotel + Tour Packages let you experience the world on intimate terms, and to do it as if you’re traveling with a friend who grew up in the town you’re visiting.

As traveler Robert Louis Stevenson once said, “There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” The desire to delve deeper into the local customs and cultures of a place can be strong, but so can the insecurities we all feel in unfamiliar locales, surrounded by people with whom we may struggle to communicate.

Offered before or after select voyages, our intimate small group tours are expertly crafted to make sure you truly experience a place – and become a little less foreign yourself in the process. We’ve built relationships with locals and sought out the best, so you can extend your travels and get a closer look at the places we cruise to without having to spend the weeks leading up to your trip planning or worrying about whether or not you’re going to get lost along the way. Windstar Hotel + Tour Packages visit Costa Rica, Europe, Greece and Turkey and include professional tours, hotel accommodations, porterage, transfers, and daily breakfast.

Costa Rica

Monteverde Cloud Forest Package – 3 Day/2 Night
Cross the Hanging Bridge of Selvatura and get a close-up look at birds brighter and more vividly colored than you thought possible in nature. Soar above the clouds on a Zipline tour and get a bird’s-eye view of the rainforest below. No rollercoaster will ever compare to the rush you’ll feel flying through these lush, green hills.

Tortuguero Nature Package – 5 Day/4 Night

Take a boat ride through gorgeous waterways and incredible rainforest terrain to a lodge near the entrance of Tortuguero National Park. Here you’ll tour the town, parks, and warm, turquoise canals teeming with sea creatures. You may even encounter a giant green turtle.


Best of Barcelona Package – 3 Day/2 Night

See the dazzling architectural and artistic masterpieces of Barcelona, with tours of the stunning Sagrada Familia Church and Montserrat Monastery to viewpoints overlooking the harbor. You’ll feel like a local as you sip regional wines and dine on traditional tapas.

Rome Discover Package – 3 Day/ 2 Night

Experience the Eternal City and its famous landmarks on an intimate level. You’ll see the Vatican, Coliseum, and Imperial Palaces, and you’ll dine at generations-old restaurants with time-tested family recipes. The warm city streets are still as beautiful at dusk as they were when Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck strolled down them in Roman Holiday.

Venice Discovery Package – 3 Day/2 Night

Known as much for its slowly sinking corridors as its unmatched craftsmanship and unique beauty, Venice is a city of legend. Feel the hot air against your face as you watch a glassblowing demonstration in Murano, and buy a keepsake for your family at the lace shops in Burano. Each winding pathway leads somewhere interesting.

Greece & Turkey

Athens Discovery Package – 2 Day/1 Night

See the mythical ruins and treasures you’ve only seen in textbooks and museums. Stroll in wonder through the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena, and the Greek theater of Dionyssos.

Istanbul Discovery Package – 3 Day/2 Night

Travel back to the Byzantine era as you gaze upon the Hippodrome, admire the thousands of handmade tiles lining the Blue Mosque, and take in the stunning majesty of the Topkapi Palace. You’ll experience a true Turkish feast at The Ottoman House before attempting to explore the 4,000 shops of the Grand Bazaar. Who knows, you just might see them all.

Istanbul Cappadocia Package – 3 Day/2 Night

Like a storybook land or an ancient fairy tale, Cappadocia is a wondrous place. The Open-Air Museum of Göreme, dazzling “fairy chimneys” at Pasabag Valley, and unbelievable landscapes of Devrent Valley make you feel as if you’ve entered an alternate reality. Take the feeling even further as you go underground to explore the city of Kaymakli and high above ground in a balloon ride.

Windstar Hotel + Tour Packages take you to amazing places and provide you a travel experience unlike any other. Learn more about each tour itinerary on our website, and make plans to connect with us soon. We’d love to hear from you!

What destinations are calling you to explore?


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10 years ago

Windstar is the best way to travel to foreign lands! Great service, great meals, and now personalized excursions….can’t wait to try one of these!

Reply to  Jeanlin
10 years ago

Thank you so much! We hope to see you with us soon 🙂

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