Wind Spirit Soars to New Heights with Major Dry Dock Refresh

Cruise Ship Wind Spirit arrives Devenport New Zeland
Wind Spirit arrives in Devenport, New Zealand.

Wind Spirit underwent extensive renovations recently, traveling from Tahiti to Auckland, New Zealand where it was in the dry dock facility for 12 days. Work was being done continuously on the ship for the entire time it was out of service. By the numbers, it is estimated that:

  • Total work amounted to 48,960 hours of labor
  • 120 contractor specialists including CAN Acrobats
  • 462 square meters of teak installed
  • 200 square meters of new steel installed
  • Usable deck space increased by 215 square feet
  • Close to $3 million spent on overall repairs, maintenance and improvements

One of the notable projects undertaken was the removal of a skylight from deck three aft Pool Bar area which reclaimed a good amount of deck space for lounging, dining, local performances and enjoying the deck barbecue as well as the lively dancing that follows. The skylight fed into the Lounge on deck two below but was not a significant source of light due to screens and designs. The ceiling in the Lounge was remodeled as a result with a crisp new look.

Wind Spirit_Dry DockIn the spirit of environmentalism and being good stewards or our resources, as well with a nod to Xanterra, our parent company’s credo of “Travel with a Softer Footprint,” Superintendent Theresa Rasmussen explains how an idea to re-use the outdoor teak decking that was being replaced turned into one of the most interesting and rewarding parts of the dry dock.

“The teak deck boards being replaced from the outside decks were so thick that we were able to cut each into four thinner parts perfect for use as a new floor covering throughout the Lounge,” explained van der Hoeven. “The resulting effect is excellent, a beautiful color stained and protected to showcase the original wood that is native to where the Wind Sprit sails. The project was a win-win all around.”

Wind Spirit cruise ship in dry dock

Another important and visually pleasing project that guests will notice included a new look to the entire outer hull of the ship which was received numerous fresh coats of environmentally-friendly marine paint from bowsprit to stern. Along the water line, previously the underwater paint which is a dark red color and serves to keep extra marking growth off the hull used to be set right next to the crisp white of the upper hull. An additional wind and waive line of ocean-hued blue paint has been added between the white and the red paints right at the waterline creating a smooth viewing line that better showcases the beauty of these incredible sailing vessels to our guests and adoring public alike.

Propeller After: Wind Spirit Cruise Ship Propeller


In addition to the projects above numerous other projects were completed with tear-outs, installations and refurbishments touching each are of the ship were completed during the round-the-clock schedule. Other undertaken projects included:

  • Extensive work done on the masts by specialized contractors the 10 CAN Acrobats whose highly skilled workers are adept at working stories high in the air on skyscrapers and large vessels around the world.
  • Removal and installation of steel supporting the decks prior to new teak decking installation.
  • Complete removal, refurbishment, and re-installation of the shaft and propeller.
  • Various cosmetic interior projects throughout the ship from the marina to the bridge and galley, to both crew and guest accommodations and public spaces.


The dock in Auckland being flooded after a very successful dry dock for Windstar Cruises’ Wind Spirit! Our Tahiti guests will enjoy!

There is no better way to experience the awe-inspiriting Islands of Tahiti than our gorgeous 148-guest masted sailing yacht MSY Wind Spirit. Sincere thanks and congratulations to the officers, crew, project managers, planners, contractors, and vendors and many others who all had a hand in a completion of this major investment in the ships and Windstar brand.


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