Chef Fabio Viviani

Signature Host: Chef Fabio Viviani

He’s charming, fun, has an Italian accent – AND he can cook. It’s no surprise that Chef Fabio Viviani has a large audience of admirers and was voted “Season 5 Fan Favorite” following his several appearances on Bravo Network’s wildly successful reality show: “Top Chef.” Born in Florence, Fabio has become famous for his Tuscan dishes with a Florentine flair. We can’t wait to have Fabio as Signature Host for our October 22nd Athens to Rome sailing, so to tide you (and us) over until then, we sat down with the witty chef and asked him some questions:

You have had great success in your personal and professional life – both your charm and talent have made you a household name. Do you take your fame in stride or is it still surprising at times?

People’s reaction to me is still surprising.

What is your favorite dish to make?

My Grandma’s roasted chicken with lemon and thyme.

On the popular television show “Top Chef,” Season 5, you were Fan Favorite. How has the show changed your life?

Exposure – lots of exposure. I showcased my cooking and made new friends.  I have also been able to take advantage of new opportunities.

How would you describe the philosophy of Florentine cooking, and how have you embraced your roots in your own career?

I have never left my roots and they are very well showcased everyday in my cooking.  My Grandmother was my inspiration. About 80 percent of what I cook is from family recipes that date back 200 to 300 years. Fresh soups, salads, breads, pasta, meat and fish.   I have two Italian restaurants which focus on simple, laid-back Italian comfort food based on the philosophy of Florentine cooking – Café Firenze Restaurant and Martini Bar in Moorpark, California and Firenze Osteria in Toluca Lake, California.

How often are you in the kitchen at your restaurants?

Whenever I am not traveling I am there. I host cooking classes at my restaurants as well.

When you’ve had a rough week and are craving comfort food, what is your go-to dish?

I enjoy simple, comfort food like chicken fried steak or traditional Italian or American comfort food dishes.

A celebrity in your own right, what is it like to be the personal chef for other celebrities?

I enjoy cooking for everyone. Celebrities are just like everyone else—I have friends that aren’t celebrities and friends that are. William Shatner is a good friend.

What three ingredients are ALWAYS in your kitchen?

Olive oil, flour and eggs.

What do you enjoy doing when you have time off from your busy schedule?

Since I don’t have a lot of time off, I try to catch up on things that need to be done at my house and of course get some sleep.

We are looking forward to having you as you Signature Host on our Athens to Rome, October 22, 2011, sailing on Wind Surf where you will be conducting a lecture, Q&A session and cooking demonstration.

I can’t wait—I love interacting with people. For those cruising, please bring lots of questions and be ready to have fun!

We are giving away a signed copy of “Café Firenze Cookbook, Mangia e Bevi,” by Fabio Viviani & Jacopo Falleni, so leave a comment below to be entered to win!

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Raghav Modi
11 years ago

Great article. I love the cover of the book. All the best on this new chapter in your life.

11 years ago

Great interview – I know this will be a fantastic cruise with him!  And..I’d love to feature Fabio’s recipes on my blog (with credit to Windstar Cruises of course!)

Reply to  Sherry
11 years ago

Thanks Sherry – We’ll be in touch with you via Twitter!

Christie R.
11 years ago

I absolutely love Fabio and would love to win his new book “Cafe Firenze Cookbook, Mangia e Bevi,”

Pat M
11 years ago

Love love love Fabio!  My favorite top chef contestant EVER!

11 years ago

Fabio is the best!

11 years ago

I would love a copy, Fabio! Love you too! 😀

11 years ago

I love Fabio !! and would LOVE to win his cookbook!!!

11 years ago

Fabio is my favorite Top Cheftestant next to Richie of course. The bromance between them was the best thing I ever saw!

11 years ago

Love Fabio!! And really would love to learn how to make some gnocchi! 🙂

11 years ago

Omg….I think I need to book this cruise!

11 years ago

Fabio, full of personality, love his humor, and his cooking is great!!!   thank you!

11 years ago

This trip sounds heavenly and all the better with Chef Fabio!

11 years ago

I wanna go cruisin! : )

11 years ago

fabio is hilarious!! 🙂 

11 years ago

I like this article. I wish I could go in the cruise!!!

Ad Prinsen
11 years ago

Chef Fabio is brilliant – coupled with an absolutely amazing cruise… what more could any at-home-chef need for fantastic inspiration in our own kitchens?

11 years ago

Sounds like an amazing cruise!

11 years ago

We just got back from the Rome to Athens cruise on Wind Surf. OMG … best trip of my life!

11 years ago

brilliant idea!

11 years ago

Nice.. I just love cooking Italian

11 years ago

Love him!

11 years ago

Beautiful travel and delicious food–could not get better!

Patty Moss
11 years ago

Just booked 2 more Windstar btb cruises for 2012 today, so now we can start dreaming/planning being back onboard the Windsurf. Love to win cookbook!

Scott Schmautz
11 years ago

Sounds like a great time! Hi Fabio!!

11 years ago

My daughter’s favorite Top Chef…and she’s only 10!! This would be a fabulous birthday gift for her.

11 years ago

As a member of “Team Fabio” it’s so good to see him get the recognition he deserves. Down to earth, really caring, outstanding chef! Begging hubby to take me on a cruise for years but he’s not so keen. May see if my mother wants to go w/me sometime. 

11 years ago

This cruise will create amazing memories for all your senses…

11 years ago

Always one of my favorite chefs!

11 years ago

Awesome interview!  Thanks!

11 years ago

Sweet I love watching Top Chef and all that….

11 years ago

That will be a fantastic cruise.  Would love to go, but be happy with the book, too. 

11 years ago

He’s handsome and he knows how to cook! Too bad he won’t be on our Venice to Venice cruise on september10th. What guest chef will be with us? I’d love his book as I’m trying some new dishes for a big Italian dinner party!

Estella miller
11 years ago

this is such a great giveaway! Love Fabio! he should have been Top Chef! Follow on twitter as @wins4me

11 years ago

Would love to win

11 years ago

would love to win

Melinda Singer
11 years ago

Please enter me into the sweepstakes.

Dave Levin
11 years ago

Cooking my favorite, next to eating.

11 years ago

Fabio = the real Top Chef! Hope you have a happy and wonderful Mediterranean sailing!

11 years ago

Would love to try the recipes in the book from an amazing Chef.

11 years ago

Love you Fabio!

11 years ago

Fabio, I am smelling what you are cooking! Please deliver

11 years ago

This is going to be a great voyage. Both a great cruise and a fabu chef.

11 years ago

Congratulations to Susan R. for winning a signed copy of “Café Firenze Cookbook, Mangia e Bevi,” by Fabio Viviani & Jacopo Falleni!

Thanks for all who commented, & stay tuned for our next giveaway!

10 years ago

I love your cooking recipes and have tried alot of them.  Thank you, now my family thinks I am a good cook.  lol  You’re cute too ! 

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