No Ordinary Barbecue

Whole roasted suckling pig, grilled lobster tails with drawn butter, marinated grilled lamb chops with mint jelly… fare you might expect at a 5-star restaurant, and far from the burgers and hot dogs you see at your regular barbecue. Our deck barbecue is no neighborhood cookout – it is a unique culinary experience at sea, a fabulous party under the stars with great company and billowing sails overhead.

While the sea and stars provide the perfect backdrop to this highlight of your voyage, it’s the food, the cocktails and the crew show which make it so memorable!  If there’s one thing we’ve learned to expect from our crew shows which follow the barbecue, it’s that you can never know what to expect.  As many of you know, the only guarantee is that you will have a wonderful time!  From live music to dancing, you’re certain to be entertained.

Our deck barbecues happen on our yachts one enchanting evening of each voyage as we sail the glorious waters of the Mediterranean, Greek Isles, Europe, Baltics, Caribbean, Costa Rica and Panama Canal. Share YOUR favorite deck barbecue memories below!

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11 years ago

What a great time!  Other cruise lines think they’re inventing the outdoor grilling experience, but you clearly know how to make it a fine dining experience AND a party.  LOVE IT!

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