Setting Sail

Have you ever seen a Windstar sailing yacht coming into port from a distance? They are unmistakable – the Wind Spirit and Wind Star each with 4 masts and 6 sails and the Wind Surf with her 5 masts and 7 sails. There is nothing like being out on deck when the yacht’s sails unfurl and you feel the exhilaration of sailing the high seas.  Each sail on each Windstar yacht is an investment – but you will probably be amazed to realize just how much time and effort is required.

Every five years the sails are replaced on each yacht due to use over time and Wind Surf will be receiving new sails soon. The sails are manufactured by North Sails in South Africa. The craftsmen at North Sails have no small feat in front of them: each sail on the Wind Surf is made of Dacron® and weighs 550kg (approximately 1,213 lbs) and requires 3.7 km (2.3 miles) of stitching. Approximately 600 man hours are devoted to crafting the massive sails – among the largest in the world.

Photos of the sails being made:

Seaming head section
Trolleys supporting rolled foot panels
Rolled head panels for main
Seaming foot tapes of main

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