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Private Event – Bora Bora: Celebration Festival

On August 17, guests on Windstar’s Dreams of Tahiti voyage were able to mix and mingle with royalty: Mareva Georges, the former Miss Tahiti and Miss France. A native of French Polynesia, and Windstar’s newest Private Event host, Mareva is a Tahitian ambassador promoting Tahiti within the United States, and is on the council for Miss France and the jury of the Miss Tahiti Committee.

Windstar Private Event host in Tahiti - Mareva Georges
Windstar Private Event host in Tahiti – Mareva Georges

Mareva welcomed Windstar guests to her home country of Tahiti with the grace and poise of her former position at the exclusive Private Event – Bora Bora: Celebration Festival. The former Miss Tahiti greeted passengers as they arrived at the secluded island for a night of traditional Tahitian dance, authentic food, and personal stories by the fire.


Mareva started the evening by greeting guests with a speech on the spirituality and culture of the islands followed by her own Tahitian dance, handing out fragrant flower leis to all.


The evening continued with a private feast on the beach with a carefully selected menu featuring local cuisine prepared by Windstar’s executive chef, Michael Sabourin.  At sunset, guests enjoyed a traditional fire dance performance featuring high-speed acrobatic moves and throwing flames so hot the warmth could be felt 10 feet away. At the conclusion of the fire dances, Mareva shared personal stories about her native Tahiti, and guests had an opportunity to talk with her as she mingled. It was an experience not soon forgotten!


Each Windstar sailing now boasts a unique and complimentary “private event”, a regionally specific experience that gives guests the opportunity to connect with the destination. Look for updates on Windstar’s next Private Event host, coming soon!

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