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Windstar Cruises has partnered with SAVEUR, a leading epicurean brand for culinary travel content, to develop a collection of local dining tips to uncover the world’s most delicious destinations for culinary travelers. Share your favorite dining tip using #WindstarDiningTips

Go Local

To Steno
Agion Anargyron 29, Rhodes Town
Want to taste the real Rhodes? Ramble through the back streets out of the Old Town until you reach To Steno, a no-frills ouzeri with hospitable English-speaking staff and a menu of simple but expertly prepared local specialties, like grilled octopus and the crunchy chickpea fritters known as pittaroudia. The specials here change often, but if a dessert of honey and cinnamon dusted mizithra, a fresh sheep’s cheese similar to ricotta is on offer, don’t pass it up.

A Vine Time

Anastasia Triantafillou Winery
The winery is located on the road that runs to the coast from Petaloudes
With its long summers, sea breezes, and fertile volcanic soils, Rhodes is ideally suited to viticulture—and indeed winemaking has been going on here since the Neolithic age. Immerse yourself in that tradition by touring some of the island’s modern vineyards, like the Anastasia Triantafillou Winery, a small all-organic estate near the Valley of the Butterflies run by the daughter of one of Rhodes’s wine dynasties. Specialties include native varieties like Athiri and Mandilari as well more familiar ones like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

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