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Windstar Cruises has partnered with SAVEUR, a leading epicurean brand for culinary travel content, to develop a collection of local dining tips to uncover the world’s most delicious destinations for culinary travelers. Share your favorite dining tip using #WindstarDiningTips

Local Flavor

Sturlugata 5, 101 Reykjavík;
Celery root with herb cream and arctic char roe; wild goose breast; homemade birch liqueur—these are just a few of the sorts of delicious surprises diners encounter on the ever-changing seven-course tasting menus at Dill, chef Gunnar Karl Gislason’s trendsetting Icelandic restaurant. An acclaimed practitioner of the “new Nordic cuisine,” Gislason’s food reflects his passion for his country’s bounty and his belief in preserving its traditional foodways. Who knew rutabagas could be so sexy?

A New Brew

801 Selfoss, Ísland Sími: 480-0200
Suds lovers, rejoice: after enduring 73 years of Prohibition, the beer scene in Iceland has awakened again. Lagers predominate, but if it’s more memorable flavors you’re after, a handful of local craft beer makers are worth seeking out. One of our favorites is Ölvisholt, a tiny farmhouse brewery whose deep, black, wood-smoked stout—fittingly called “Lava”—has a dark chocolate and black-cherry richness that’s won it legions of fans well beyond the land of volcanoes.

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