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Local Dining Tips: Portofino, Romance of the Italian Riviera

Windstar Cruises has partnered with SAVEUR, a leading epicurean brand for culinary travel content, to develop a collection of local dining tips to uncover the world’s most delicious destinations for culinary travelers. Share your favorite dining tip using #WindstarDiningTips

Love from Liguria

No visit to Portofino would be complete without sampling two of Liguria’s most iconic dishes: focaccia—the salty, chewy, crunchy flatbread that’s akin to an unadorned pizza—and pesto Genovese, the irresistibly tangy and bright sauce made from a simple combo of Italian basil, pine nuts, garlic, salt, cheese and olive oil. Both abound at local cafes and street stalls, but if you leave without getting your fill, it’s remarkably easy to recreate the flavors at home—and in one dish, no less! Just follow SAVEUR’s foolproof recipe for pesto foccacia.

Aperitif Appeal

Piazza Martiri Olivetta, 1, Portofino
With its sun-kissed coastline, every day in Portofino is picture perfect. But, to wrap up your day in fairy tale style, indulge in an aperitif at Chuflay, a chic little restaurant in the Hotel Splendido whose shady terrace offers million dollar views of the town’s pastel buildings and yachts bobbing in the harbor. Or, if you really want to ramp up the romance, arrive after twilight and sip your prosecco by candlelight.

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