Happy Seafarer Day

In celebration of Day of the Seafarer, an international holiday celebrated by the International Maritime Organization, we want to thank our amazing crew. While all of our crew are phenomenal, this year we want to spotlight the Deck Department and offer a very special thank you. We appreciate all of their hard work!

Our Deck Department is made up of approximately 60 officers and crew with positions from the Chief Officer of the yacht, to the sailors.  These seafarers play a key part in ensuring the navigation of the yacht, the safety and security, as well as keeping up the yacht’s beautiful appearance with daily maintenance. They are also the ones who strive to make your Windstar experience memorable, although you may not always see what they do.

Below is a day in the life of our deck crew. Check out our Facebook page for even more photos.

Wind Star’s deck department, led by Captain Alan Leech, poses on the forward deck.
Wind Surf’s sailors make sure the teak decks stay sparkling.
Being an officer isn’t just about sailing, Jen, Second Officer on Wind Surf¸ also puts time in with office work.
Quartermaster Yanto and Sailor Hendi help operate the tenders, bringing guests back and forth to shore.
Wind Spirit’s Second Officer Caroline goes through the weekly safety drill.
Wind Surf’s sailors hard at work ensuring the vessel is rust-free.
Chief Officer Jimmy sailing Wind Spirit.
Wind Surf’s Cadet Diarmid and Third Officer Simon enjoy the heights of a sailing yacht.
Wind Star's Captain Alan Leech makes his daily announcement.

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