6 Popular Ocean Crossing Highlights

A leisurely sea passage offers that rarest of opportunities: a chance to relax. If you feel like sleeping late, we’ll be happy to deliver breakfast to your room. If you need help unwinding, the WindSpa is at your service with a relaxing herbal wrap. And if all you desire is the pure pleasure of listening to the sound of white sails snapping in the wind, there’s a chair on the deck with your name on it. Experience all of this and other popular Ocean Crossing highlights including:

    1. Private yacht lifestyle with no interruptions.
    2. Life on the deck of a luxury sailing yacht. 
    3. Endless days of extraordinary cuisine. 
    4. Soothing sounds of the open sea when sails are up and engines off. 
    5. WindSpa’s onboard pampering and relaxation.
    6. Camaraderie of fellow ocean-crossers.

Discover Windstar’s new Extended Voyages on Wind Spirit, Wind Surf, and Wind Star. This collection of grand ocean crossings allows you to enjoy Windstar’s yacht style for 14 to 29 days. You’ll discover exciting collections of beautiful ports – popular favorites and hidden gems – along with soothing, relaxing days at sea. Your Windstar vacation can now be longer than ever.

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3 years ago

What is the luggge allowance for a Windstar curise

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