Fakarava, Tuamotu Archipelago, French Polynesia

what to see in fakarava

Here is a rare opportunity to experience one of earth’s most beautiful – and most rare – places.  Fakarava, a place so stunning, an ecosystem so diverse it has been named a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. This diver’s paradise welcomes you to a world of magnificent cauliflower coral, sleek grey sharks, and neon schools of tropical fish. This “Island of Dreams” is home to rare species of nesting birds and rare marine life living in tranquil harmony.

French Polynesia Tahiti aerial drone view of Fakarava atoll and famous Blue Lagoon and motu island with perfect beach, coral reef and Pacific Ocean. Tropical travel paradise in Tuamotus Islands.

popular shore excursions 

  • Blue Lagoon
    Embark on a unique journey to discover Fakarava’s lagoon, classified by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve. Between sightseeing for sea birds in their natural environment, enjoying the different shades of green and blue from the lagoon, and swimming in the pristine waters, you will feel what it’s like to be a castaway in paradise. Snorkeling will operate directly from the boat, participants should note that they will enter some areas where water is too deep to stand in and harmless black tipped sharks may be present. Fakarava has a wide and deep lagoon with a surface of 429 square miles (1,112 sq. km) and two passes. The main pass to enter the lagoon, located in the northwestern end, is known as Passe Garuae and is the largest pass in French Polynesia.. The current in these passes is usually fairly strong because of the enormous amount of water that exits/enters the lagoon between the low and the high tides. This may affect the conditions inside the lagoon so timing on this tour is very dependent from this natural fact. Snorkeling time and location may be adjusted as needed to ensure a safe and enjoyable excursion.

    Fakarava atoll island motu and in French Polynesia Tahiti

  • One Tank Dive
    This program is for Certified Divers looking to do a half day of diving (approximately 2 hours). The typical time underwater for the 2 tank dive is 45 minutes for the first dive, with a long surface interval followed by a second dive of approximately 45 minutes. For guests only wanting a one tank, you can go at the same price and may choose to snorkel or swim while the second dive is going. Dives will take place at two of the following three sites (weather dependent).

    1. The Anemones: An ocean dive where you’ll be visiting Nemo’s cousin’s house! This is an ideal “first ocean dive” – shallow and easy. You will see sharks (black tips) our friend Janine, a friendly turtle, octopi and many tropical fish.

    2. Sharks Dining Room: An ocean dive in a spectacular spot for watching the big lemon sharks (5-10 feet) that come here for feeding.

    3. The Opunohu Canyons: An ocean dive. Keeping to the bottom of the small canyon, you will see plenty of small marine fauna, black tip sharks, and of course huge lemon sharks. At the end of the dive, you will stop to see pretty anemones with their clown fish.

      Red Snapper School in Fakarava Atoll

  • Beach Escape
    Enjoy round-trip transportation from your cruise ship to this privately owned beach, the ideal place to spend a few hours beachcombing in Fakarava. The atoll is being classified by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve and the beach will give you a nice and easy access to its crystal-clear waters. Put your fins on and jump in for a good refreshing swim or just sunbath relaxing with a fresh coconut.

voyages that visit fakarava 

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