Things to do in Boston in 24 Hours

History of Boston

Known as the “cradle of liberty,” Boston became the home of one thousand Puritans who fled religious and political persecution in Europe. Massachusetts Bay Company’s original governor John Winthrop preached the famous sermon called “A City upon a Hill,” which spoke to the special relationship the Puritans had to God. Massacres and tea parties led to the American Revolution and afterward Boston became one of the most wealthy international trading ports.

The Freedom Trail

Follow the red brick road to uncover the history of the American Revolution with Freedom Trail Tours. Not only is the Freedom Trail fun, and not too long, but it’s a great way to better understand the evolutionary history of the city while getting in some great exercise. Enjoy the 2.5-mile route of 16 historic sights featuring the home of Paul Revere, the Granary Burying Ground, the Old South Meeting House––where the Boston Tea Party began, and Boston Common, the city’s central park. Follow the red brick trail, sometimes painted, on roads throughout the city. Dedicated by Bostonians in 1951, the trail encompasses a variety of museums, churches, meeting houses, burying grounds, parks, a ship and historic markers all telling the story of freedom and the American Revolution. 18th-century costumed guides talk of the story behind the story involving treason, patriotism, and bravery.


The Old State House

Where the Freedom Trail begins and where The Declaration of Independence was read in 1776. Inside you’ll find a museum dedicated to Revolutionary history. Built in 1713, it is the home to the Boston Revolutionary Museum and filled with many artifacts from the Revolutionary War. Outside the historic building is the site of the Boston Massacre of 1770, where British soldiers killed 5 men when they fired into a crowd.


Beacon Hill

The welcoming red brick, tree-lined street feels like coming home, and it is a coming home of sorts to all Americans. Just wandering the beautiful streets here is worth an hour or two. Great brunches and lunches can be had on Charles Street where browsing boutique shops is a sport. Try and find Acorn Street, full of cobblestones, taking you back in time, and have you feeling that you could almost see Paul Revere began his famous ride. But part of the story of freedom took place on the sea. So if the water called, Community Boating offers a way to tour the city and learn how to kayak, sail and stand-up paddleboard in the heart of Boston from the picturesque and tranquil Charles River Lagoon.


Courtesy of Facebook @CommunityBoating


If you are addicted to the creamy goodness of a Boston Creme Pie, you’ve come to Mecca. Check out these picks for great places to find your favorite––Black Rose, Modern Pastry Shop, The Last Hurrah, and Parker’s Restaurant or have fun finding one of your own.

Other culinary standouts include Mention for it’s delicious and artistic culinary cuisine marrying luxury, whimsy, elegance, comfort, and surprise. And Uni, an izakaya, or Japanese pub that concentrates on global street food.


Courtesy of Menton

Rolls Royce tour of Boston

Get steeped in the American Revolution and history of the region on a half-day tour of Boston that encompasses Cambridge, Lexington, and Concord in your own chauffeured luxury Rolls-Royce Ghost. The fully customizable tour can add whatever you like to the itinerary including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University in Cambridge, pre-Revolutionary homes and other historic sites in Lexington, and American Revolution sites in Concord.

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