Star Breeze Completes Successful Dry Dock

Star Breeze entered Setubal shipyard, South of Lisbon on the 7th of April for a scheduled one-week dry dock. As with all dry dock periods, it was a very busy week on the Breeze; the entire Bridge System was removed and replaced including the RADAR antennas, works were conducted in the Engine Room to keep the Ship systems running smoothly, steelwork was replaced on deck and the Hotel Department worked with contractors and crew to replace flooring in Crew areas, refit Crew bathrooms and perform deep cleaning.

Dry docks allow a great opportunity to access parts of the ship which can’t usually be seen so all of the paint which is usually below the water was blasted off and replaced, the propellers and bow thrusters were cleaned and polished and the ship’s sides were refreshed with a new coat of white paint.

After leaving the dry dock, the ship conducted an ‘inclining test’ which involves putting heavy weights on the ship and measuring how far it ‘leans’ over – this allows Naval Architects to calculate the ship’s stability and ensures that  Star Breeze will continue to sail safely until her next dry dock in two years’ time.

Upon completion, Star Breeze sailed from Lisbon to start its European voyages. This post is written by Captain James Griffith. Photo Credit: Rhea Ramirez Regis.






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