Our Favorite Moments: Star Pride Christening Ceremony

On May 5th, we launched Star Pride, the first addition to the Windstar fleet in 16 years.  We took possession of Star Pride April 17th, and immediately began an intensive three-week transformation process in which our teams worked around the clock to transform the power yacht from stem to stern to meet Windstar’s casually elegant style. Our team and crew members are still reveling in the success and excitement around the launch of Star Pride and its christening ceremony in Barcelona, Spain.

Take a look at our favorite moments during the transformation process and christening ceremony of Star Pride:




Captain Alan MacAry smiling for the camera during the christening ceremony of Star Pride. Beside him are Mrs. Nancy Anschutz, Star Pride Godmother, Mr. Philip Anschutz, owner of Xanterra Parks & Resorts®, Windstar’s parent company, and Mr. Andy Todd, CEO of Xanterra Parks & Resorts®.


Windstar CEO Hans Birkholz recognizes Star Pride’s crew during the yacht’s christening ceremony in Barcelona.


Welcome to the Windstar family, Star Pride!


Star Pride’s Kristy during the pier-side fiesta.


Star Pride guests celebrating during the pier-side fiesta.


Star Pride’s pier-side fiesta.


 Officers raising the flag during Star Pride’s Sail Away from Barcelona, Spain on May 5th.

A look back at Star Pride’s transformation


The official signing of Star Pride transferring ownership to Windstar Cruises on April 17th.


Everyone is pitching in! CEO Hans and Fernando painting Star Pride’s pool during the yacht’s transformation process.


Captain Alan getting lost in safety.

star pride cruise ship christening ceremony

Windstar CEO Hans with members of Star Pride’s culinary team during a crew barbecue to recognize the team’s hard work.


windstar flag 2

Officers and corporate team members raising the flag for the first time during Star Pride’s transformation process.

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Joe C

Looking forward to our upcoming journey in August. How is the Wi-Fi onboard the Star Pride