Not a Cruiser? This is the most anti-cruise you’ve never heard of.

“Until next time Europe! ❤️ had the absolute best time discovering Portugal, Spain and France aboard @windstarcruises!” – Monique (

If you wouldn’t be caught dead on a cruise ship with thousands of people, playing Bingo, watching Vegas-style acts and visiting touristy ports of call, know that there are alternative ways to get to the spectacular islands and fascinating small harbors of the world.

Not a cruiser? Try a different kind of ship. Here’s how Windstar Cruises is the perfect anti-cruise experience.

Travel is by yacht

With fewer than 300 passengers, the glorious sailing and all-suite yachts of Windstar Cruises are about a luxurious, free-spirited yachting experience. Leave your jacket and tie at home, but be pampered by a crew that knows your name.

You go places

Park Orsula
Complimentary Private Event “Spectacular View, Wine & Folklore at Park Orsula.” Photo credit @adriaticdmc.

Get off the mainstream grid and visit picturesque ports in places such as the stunning fjords of Norway, the friendly Greek Isles, ethereal French Polynesia and hidden Caribbean harbors. You’ll anchor beside private yachts, where visiting town is a breeze.

There’s time to explore

You love the sea but you’re a traveler and you also want to see the sights and embrace local culture. Windstar yachts give you more time in port including late-night visits so you can check out the local cuisine and fun nightlife.

You get to play with complimentary water toys

Watersports-Platform-cruiseRight from your ship’s Watersports Platform, borrow kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, sailboats and snorkel gear. Or cool off after a day at shore by jumping right into the sea. The ships also carry mountain bikes you can rent for DIY port exploration.

You know you’re at sea

All the Windstar Cruises yachts provide a luxury environment with nautical touches, open decks and views galore — you won’t ever forget you’re at sea. Visit the Bridge anytime you want. Maybe get a lesson on star-gazing. You can even talk nautical with the officers.

You aren’t over-programmed

Cruising doesn’t have to be about in-your-face activities and hubbub. With Windstar Cruises, relax in the sun, take a yoga class or see a performance by a local folkloric troupe. You choose: Be part of a social crowd or spend time together, just the two of you.

You can sample regional cuisine

“Thinking about last night’s dinner with @windstarcruises. it’s going to be hard to go back to normal life after this spectacular week!” – Sarah (

In addition to French and Continental favorites, onboard chefs prepare regional dishes that reflect where you’re cruising — Italian, French or Spanish in the western Mediterranean, for example. Interested foodies can join chefs as they shop for fresh ingredients at local markets or watch food demonstrations by local chefs.

On warm-weather itineraries, dine alfresco if you like at breakfast, lunch and dinner too, under candlelight while enjoying complimentary, grilled-to-order steakhouse fare. The scenery can’t be beat and the views change daily.

You’re with grownups

Most Windstar guests are active couples, with the ships also attracting some single adults. Small groups gather on board for girlfriend getaways, college reunions, and extended family events. Enjoy “we” time and “me” time all at the same time, you’ll be yacht-mates with like-minded travelers. What you won’t find is the family crowd — there’s no programming for kids.


It’s popular and efficient

Be a part of the in-crowd that knows cruising is an entertaining and efficient way to travel. Windstar yachts sail to hundreds of places in style and in a short amount of time. Sun-, fun- and culture-bound travelers can make the most of their precious vacation time. Unpack once and wake in a new place each day. Your yacht has all the modern comforts, even breakfast in bed, always free of charge.

There are exclusive events and parties

Join your fellow travelers for an extraordinary complimentary event on shore — such as an elegant dinner party and chamber music concert amidst the spectacular ruins of ancient Ephesus or exclusive events at Monaco’s legendary Grand Prix (watch the video below created by world travelers Roamaroo). And don’t miss the fabulous deck party/barbeque for food and dancing under the stars or the private beach parties on secluded strands.


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