Mother’s Day Travel Gifts

Moms do it all, from planning the perfect holiday dinner to picking up the right medicine when the kids catch a cold. Mom’s deserve to feel pampered and appreciated for everything they do. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your mom or spouse on Mother’s Day, consider giving her a thoughtful travel-themed surprise.

Seaside town with description of a Mother's Day themed cruise

Most moms would love the chance to escape the daily routine, reconnect with their dreams and explore the world with wonder-filled eyes. Travel has many health benefits, too, such as relieving stress, boosting happiness and enhancing creativity.

For example, according to a Global Coalition on Aging report, women who vacation at least twice a year have a significantly lower risk of heart disease than women who vacation every six years or less. Women who take vacations are also less likely to experience depression than women who don’t.

Moms often deal with a lot of stress and try to make everyone happy and comfortable. It’s time to shower her with gratitude and encourage her to enjoy some much-needed “me” time. In this post, we’ll show you some of the best travel gifts for mom that will help her spirit soar.

Travel Gift Ideas for Mom

When it comes to choosing a travel gift for Mother’s Day, you have plenty of options. You can surprise her with a fully planned trip for a jaw-dropping reaction, or treat her to unique traveling necessities to enhance her next vacation. Maybe you can present her with a combination of both. Here are six travel gift ideas for mom to suit a range of budgets and personalities.

1. Cruise

If your mom seems to have everything she could ever need, consider getting her a cruise for Mother’s Day. What could be better than giving mom a break from cooking, cleaning and doing laundry while sending her away to the most beautiful places on the planet? A cruise allows you to show your gratitude tenfold.

Once mom is aboard her cruise ship, she can leave her stress and to-do list behind. As a passenger, she won’t have to worry about planning excursions, figuring out transportation or selecting restaurants everyone will enjoy. Everything will be taken care of for her.

For example, at Windstar Cruises, we make traveling as effortless as possible. Once onboard a Windstar ship, guests discover the journey is about relaxation, indulging the senses and enjoying fascinating shore excursions in between. We have everything you need to make Mother’s Day unforgettable. If any of the following descriptions fit your mom or spouse, she’ll love a Windstar Cruise:

  • Culture explorer: Does your mom enjoy the colors, sounds and flavors of different cultures? Does her idea of the perfect date night involve the new Thai restaurant in town or taking a salsa class? Moms who love exploring and experiencing new cultures will cherish their voyage with Windstar Cruises. At Windstar Cruises, we take guests to a variety of destinations, from vibrant port cities to charming seaside villages. We give passengers the chance to see uncrowded locations where they can learn about new cultures in a way that’s authentic and personal. For example, maybe mom would enjoy listening to the whimsical songs of a traditional Irish band in Portrush. Or, maybe she’d be inspired by a trip to the State Hermitage Museum, one of the world’s greatest museums, in St.Petersburg. We can take mom to a culturally-rich destination in comfort and style.
  • Bucket list creator: Has your mom or spouse ever mentioned her dream of exploring ancient ruins? If so, she’ll be awe-struck by our Treasures of the Greek Isles cruise. Or does her bucket list include whale-watching in Alaska? Our Alaskan Splendors cruise won’t disappoint. Our cruise ships sail to bucket-list-worthy sites around the world, including hidden treasures. You’re sure to find a Windstar Cruise your mom will never forget.
  • Adventurous spirit: At Windstar Cruises, we offer journeys to make adventurous spirits beam. For example, adventure-seeking moms might love the chance to snorkel among colorful marine life with our Southern Mexico: Fish Tales and Mayan Trails cruise. Or maybe hiking the El Yunque National Rainforest in Puerto Rico would fill mom’s heart with joy. We provide countless ways for guests to explore and evoke a playful sense of wonder.
  • Fine cuisine lover: A Windstar Cruise is an excellent gift idea for moms who enjoy fine dining experiences and tasting exotic flavors. First, our chefs use fresh ingredients to craft locally-inspired dishes for guests every night. Also, we offer cruises specifically designed for food lovers. Our culinary-themed cruises take passengers onboard with world-renowned chefs and sommeliers. Mom can savor carefully selected wines paired with indulgent meals, and shop and learn alongside the experts.
  • Moms who want to escape: Our intimate yachts are perfect for moms who want to cruise without crowds. Imagine giving mom the chance to travel to a pristine, tropical beach while she unwinds in a room complete with Egyptian linens, a marble bathroom and soothing ocean views. What could say, “Happy Mother’s Day,” better than rest, comfort and carefree days?

If you’re not sure which cruise mom would like best, break out the bubbly and plan the cruise together for Mother’s Day. Planning a vacation has its own set of perks. According to research published in Psychological Science, people derive greater happiness and excitement anticipating an experience than waiting to receive a material gift.


2. Camera

A trip to an exotic destination would not be complete without a quality camera. Travelers need a way to capture breathtaking scenery so they can revisit their journey whenever they wish.

If you want to give mom the freedom to leave her bulky digital camera at home, consider giving her a sleek, water-resistant camera like the Huawei Mate 10 Pro. This powerful camera and smartphone combined features a long-lasting battery, so mom can snap gorgeous photos all day without needing to carry around a phone charger.

You can also give mom a camera lens kit to jazz up her current smartphone. For example, the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for iPhone and Android features a clip-on lens so mom can take professional quality photos without having to haul camera equipment.

Camera sitting on rooftop ledge

3. Luggage

Great luggage can add convenience and comfort to a trip, especially for moms who like to be organized. If your mom or spouse has been carrying the same heavy suitcase for decades, it might be time to treat her to a stylish, compact piece of luggage.

For example, you might consider a carry-on made by Away. Away luggage is designed to last for life and features two compartments, a built-in phone charger, and a thick shell. You can even choose a soothing shade of blue or delicate pink to match mom’s favorite color.

No matter what brand of luggage you choose, here are factors to consider before making a purchase:

  • Size: If it’s likely your mom will be taking longer trips, you may want to get her something larger than a duffel bag. However, keep in mind that large pieces can get heavy, and airlines have weight limits.
  • Weight when empty: Heavier pieces are more durable, but they are also harder to carry or roll over long distances or upstairs. Consider where your mom will be traveling and what will be easiest for her to handle once she reaches her destination.
  • Material: Some materials, like nylon, are light and strong. However, nylon isn’t as stylish as leather. Consider what’s most important to your mom.
  • Features: Consider features like wheels, handles, pockets, separate compartments or other elements that could make it easier to organize belongings and handle the luggage.

It helps to check customer reviews online before making a purchase, to ensure you choose quality luggage your mom will use and enjoy.

4. Travel Shoes

Traveling usually involves a fair amount of walking and exploring. When mom is ready to shop for souvenirs or wander around Mayan ruins, she’ll need a comfy pair of shoes. A comfortable pair of shoes can help prevent painful blisters, ingrown toenails and other unpleasant conditions. The last thing any traveler wants is to spend a day healing sore feet. According to Harvard Medical School, the following characteristics define great shoes:

  • A rounded toe with enough space for the toes
  • Good arch support
  • A low or flat heel
  • Soft material

Consider treating your mom to a cozy pair of traveling shoes, so she can enjoy all the excursions she has planned. Here are a few ideas:

  • Allbirds wool sneakers: Allbirds sneakers feel like slippers but look like shoes that can be worn anywhere with any outfit. Soft, comfortable and casual, these easy-to-slip-on shoes are made from fine merino wool. They also feature a moisture-wicking insole and a flexible sole which conforms to movement. These shoes are perfect for a stroll or an afternoon relaxing in a European cafe.
  • Day Glove shoes: For something your mom can wear to an elegant dinner or to keep her feet happy during a day of museum hopping, consider Everlane Day Gloves. Like gloves, these shoes are made of soft leather and form the perfect fit. They also feature a cushioned insole and side vents for added comfort. Be sure to choose mom’s favorite color, whether that be ivy green, vibrant red or a pale shade of lemon.

If you plan to get mom both a cruise and shoes, here’s a fun idea: tuck the cruise itinerary in the shoe for the ultimate Mother’s Day surprise.

Person tying their sneakers

5. Fitness Tracker

Moms who love to explore and travel will appreciate a fitness tracker to accompany their next excursion. A fitness tracker will help her count her steps, check her vital signs and stay healthy while traveling abroad.

Fitness tracker

Many people love fitness trackers because they motivate them to move and turn exercise into a rewarding experience. Adventure-loving moms will enjoy the motivation boost and energy that follows, so they can make the most of their journey. In general, a fitness tracker can be a useful travel accessory to help mom keep her health in check.

Before choosing a fitness tracker, make sure to consider wearability. A fitness tracker should be comfortable and stylish, so mom will want to wear her new accessory. If fashion is a concern, consider a clip-on fitness tracker she can wear on the inside of a pocket.

You might consider getting your mom the Motiv Ring. The Motiv Ring is a subtle piece of jewelry that’s also waterproof, so she never has to take it off. It’s sleek, elegant and looks like a wedding band. With the Motiv Ring, mom can easily keep track of her health no matter where she is in the world, as well as monitor her sleep, heart health, activity minutes and more. It’s also available in silver, rose gold or black to suit her style.

6. Travel Journal

If you’re searching for a Mother’s Day Gift that is both thoughtful and practical, consider getting mom a special journal to record her adventures. A travel journal is a great gift for sentimental moms who like to write or express their creative side.

Any traveler should consider journaling as a way to permanently and creatively preserve memories and experiences. They can record stories, discoveries, adventures or capture heartwarming moments. A travel journal is a keepsake your mom can visit over and over, and she can look forward to adding new entries. She can also keep maps, brochures, menus, ticket stubs and other special mementos in one place with some glue or stickers.

It’s beneficial for mom to look through the journal she created after her journey. Nostalgia and reminiscing are good for our health. For example, a study from 2013 found that nostalgia increases optimism for the future. Nostalgia also helps people feel connected to their past and their loved ones and boosts a sense of self-continuity.

If you’re ready to get your mom or spouse a journal before her trip, consider a Woodchuck journal. Woodchuck journals are made with real wood, and you can customize the cover. You might ask the artists at Woodchuck to engrave mom’s favorite wanderlust quote to inspire her travels. This notebook also stands out because the company plants one tree for every product purchased and has planted over a million trees so far. 

You might also consider the fun and creative journal titled “I Was Here: A Travel Journal for the Curious Minded” by Kate Pocrass. This journal is packed with surprises and includes colorful illustrations and writing prompts.

Journal with pen

Find a Mother’s Day Cruise Gift at Windstar

Pay mom back for all the years she went the extra mile by treating her to a miles-long voyage with Windstar Cruises. At Windstar Cruises, we strive to make every guest feel pampered as they enjoy an effortless journey to the most breathtaking destinations around the globe. To find a relaxing Mother’s Day cruise that will make mom feel cherished for many years to come, explore our cruise destinations today!

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