Kris Thompson Page, Director of Marine Hotel Operations, details our efforts to make a difference and give back to the local communities we visit.

Windstar Cruises is well known for visiting the world’s most exotic and unique ports of call.  What is less known, but just as important, are the ways we interact with these communities and our efforts to ensure they continue to thrive. Therefore, when we have an opportunity to make a difference, we jump on it.

Such an opportunity presented itself in March, after the Wind Star completed her last voyage before undergoing a complete refurbishment. Much of the furniture on Wind Star was to be replaced, so before making her last port call in Saint Martin we reached out to our friends there and asked if they could identify a charity that would welcome our stately-but-slightly-used furniture.

Through our agent Isabelle, Windstar Cruises was able to make a large donation of furniture to Bethany Home, a state run facility for elderly, dependent persons in the Caribbean. Within days, the chairs were sanded, re-varnished and put to good use. Isabelle shared a few snap shots:

Partnerships like the one between Windstar Cruises and our agent in St Martin enable us to not only operate responsibly, but in fact make a difference in the lives of the people that call these magical places home. It also ensures that the Windstar yachts will continue to be welcomed by these communities, in the same way we welcome and look forward to returning to them.

That’s the difference.

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How absolutely awesome is that!  We knew, having sailed many times on the Wind Star, that it was first Class but to give to a community of our elderly was so special.  Thank you Wind Star for making their lives a little bit better!!!!!!!


That’s great.  Good work WindStar!


What a nice thing to do!  Congratulations Windstar!!


You are a good corporate citizen!  We need more of them in the world.

Tracey Paton

Hey you guys are wonderful that’s so great …. Good Karma too 🙂 Quick question if I may… My daughter Shelby is a beauty therapist for Steiner Academy and it looks like she might be lucky enough to score her first contract on the Windsurf leaving Athens on June 16. She’ll know in a few days if she got it…but is there anywhere a “mum” like me (and her of course) can go and check out the staff stuff, like the staff cabins, if there is specific staff facilities, what staff can do and not do on board, I know… Read more »

Andrew Kruglanski

Great story! Having been involved with many charities, and served on national boards, I truly appreciate hearing that a company like yours takes the time to put its resources where they can better peoples lives.

Andy K, Cruisin Susan, a cruise & travel blog,

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