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Guest Testimonial: A Letter from Tahiti

Dreaming of Tahiti? The Rekate family shares the Windstar adventure. 

Dear Windstar,

I just wanted to let you know my family and I had the most amazing vacation aboard Wind Spirit while sailing the South Pacific. We were celebrating the full recovery of my mother’s breast cancer and this trip was the most meaningful time we’ve ever spent together.


As we boarded Wind Spirit in Papeete, the officers and crew greeted us warmly and our treatment from the entire staff made us feel like royalty. As we left the dock and raised the sails for the first time, I felt chills throughout my entire body at the sheer beauty that surrounded the ship. As my family and I settled into our lounge chairs, we knew we were in for a vacation like no other.


In the coming days, the islands we visited, the people we met and the variety of different activities we took part in made memories for all of us that will last forever.


While planning out the trip, we knew we were on a sailing ship but had no idea that by the end of our voyage, the sails of this magnificent ship were raised 98% of the time. We sailed the South Pacific in genuine luxury. From our room attendant to the entire serving staff, I can’t tell you how courteous and helpful the entire team was.


Wind Spirit took us to one paradise after another. From the island of Moorea to the coral gardens of Tahaa then off to Raiatea and then Bora Bora, each stop along the way reinforced what a first class experience Wind Spirit and her crew offered.



We’ll forever be indebted to Windstar Cruises for providing a vacation that even today, a month since we’ve been home, still brings smiles to our faces as we go about our busy lives. My family and I thank you for the trip of a lifetime. We can’t wait for our next adventure on one of your fine ships.


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