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Caprese Salad Recipe by Chef Graeme

Here is Windstar’s take on a classic Caprese salad recipe by our corporate executive chef Graeme Cockburn. Graeme is responsible for overseeing menu and recipe development on all our six cruise ships.

Heirloom Tomatoes, Burratini Cheese with House-Made Pine Nut Pesto

Caprese Salad Recipe

Serves 4

Ingredients to make Caprese salad and dressing



  • Heirloom tomatoes, approximately 2 each from a variety of heirloom tomatoes (depending on size) such as Cherokee Purple, Anna Russian, Azoychka, Brandywine, Cherokee Chocolate, Cherokee Green, Dwarf Emerald Giant, Mexico Midget, Sun Gold
  • 30 ML Olive Oil
  • 12 Leaves Fresh Basil Leaves
  • 60 ML Tomato Water (see recipe below)
  • 4 Burratinis
  • Sea Salt
  • Cracked Black Pepper

Pine Nut, Basil and Arugula Pesto

  • 20 Grams Pine Nuts Lightly Toasted
  • 120 Grams Arugula Leaves
  • 40 Grams Basil Leaves
  • 40 Grams Grated Parmesan Cheese
  • 50 ML Olive Oil
  • 10 Grams Garlic


  • 60 ML Olive oil

To Make: 

Tomato Water

  1. Blend the tomatoes with shallots, garlic, salt and the fresh basil.
  2. Pour into a muslin cloth and drain overnight into a container
  3. Gather up the tomato water from the muslin cloth. Pour the water into a bowl and adjust the seasoning.
  4. Add a touch of the olive oil and mix lightly.
  5. Slice the tomatoes and arrange on the Plate as the picture shows. There is no particular order for plating.
  6. Drizzle the tomato water dressing onto the tomatoes and season with sea salt and cracked black pepper.
  7. Remove the burratini from the water and pat dry with a dry cloth.
  8. Place the burratini in the middle of the plate and spoon on the pesto.


  1. Lightly toast the pine nuts slowly without color and allow to cool.
  2. Remove any thick stems from the basil leaves and place into a bowl
  3. Pick the arugula and place into a tall glass jar
  4. Add the smashed garlic
  5. Add the toasted pine nuts
  6. Add the grated Parmesan cheese
  7. Add the olive oil

Using a stick blender pulp ingredients together, lift the hand blender up and down while blending. The pesto will come together to form a loose paste. If needed you can always add in more olive oil for a looser consistency. Season to taste. Spoon the pesto over the burratini, serve and enjoy!

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2 years ago

Amazing salad!!! Looking foward to have it on my next sailing.

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