An Inside Look: Windstar’s Return to Tahiti

Earlier this month we returned to Tahiti for the first time in more than 10 years. During the 7-day voyage, we snorkeled, dove, sun bathed, ate, drank, danced, and sailed our way through the stunning Polynesian Islands. Below, our guests and crew shared their photos. Scroll down to experience the fun and beauty of Wind Spirit’s return voyage through Tahiti.

wind spirit
Photo by Thierry Charrier from

The voyage started in Papeete, where local artists welcomed Wind Spirit to Tahiti with a vibrant performance that showcased traditional Tahitian dancing and singing.

sb wind spirit (3)
Photo by Thierry Charrier from
sb wind spirit (2)
Photo by Thierry Charrier from
sb wind spirit (1)
Photo by Thierry Charrier from

From Papeete, Wind Spirit sailed to Moorea for the night before heading on to Tahaa for a day of kayaking, snorkeling, and sun bathing in the island’s pristine waters and white sand beaches. After working up an appetite, guests took a mid-day break for a beach-side barbecue hosted by Windstar.

Wind Spirit docked in Moorea
Soaking in the sun in Tahaa
BBQ Collage
Beach-side barbecue team in Tahaa

Wind Spirit continued on to Raiatea for another overnight then headed to Bora Bora, the most romantic island in the world, and also the location of our signature Private Event. As part of the exclusive event, guests spent an evening on a private motu where they feasted on local Tahitian cuisine that included a dinner of suckled pig slow roasted in a traditional underground fire pit. A performance by fire dancers and local musicians topped off the evening.


Motu Collage
The Motu team roasting a pig in an underground fire pit and preparing the evening feast of traditional Tahitian dishes


Eric Morou and the Motu Team
Eric Morou and the motu team who put together the exclusive Private Event
Sunset Bora Bora
Sunset in Bora Bora

From Bora Bora, Wind Spirit set sail for Huahine, the final port of call before ending the voyage in Papeete. Thank you to our guests and crew who made our return to Tahiti such as success. For more information about our voyages to Tahiti, click here.

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Jeremy Lawrance
8 years ago

The motu dinner was the highlight of the trip. As the sun set and the festivities began I joined the locals in some old Tahitian favorites.

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