Introducing Complimentary Soft Beverages!

It is our pleasure to announce that we will begin offering complimentary soft beverages on all Windstar voyages starting this December! Bottled water, sparkling water, sodas, fresh juices, milk, fruit smoothies, tea, coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, mochas and espresso will all be complimentary fleet-wide. So whether you are relaxing by the pool in the sun and crave an ice cold bottle of water, or are sitting on the deck watching the sunrise and want nothing more than a warm cappuccino, let us take care of it for you.

The addition of soft beverages increases Windstar's complimentary offerings which include dining at Windstar's specialty restaurants-Candles Grill on each of the three yachts, and Degrees and Le Marché on Wind Surf; complimentary watersports such as kayaking, waterskiing, sail boating, and windsurfing from Windstar's Watersports platform; and complimentary DVD and iPod rentals.

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Hello , I have a question , since water and soft drinks are now included with the price of the cruise will the beer , wine and liquor package be reduced ?



I too would like to know the answer to that question.    Thanks.


This announcement is very unfair for people cruising in November (like me).


I too would like to know the answer to the question of Barneyb52, since I’ve booked a cruise mid-2012.
Thank you.  prvail


Please post new alcohol package prices for Jan 2012. 
thanks. Denis

drummond creek

This is fantastic!  I never had any concerns about Windstar pricing other than having to pay 3 bucks for a diet coke.  Now I am complaint free!  See you in the Barbados in January and a double legger in the Med in October!  Stock up on the DC 


What are the prices for wine and beer?  A recent statement indicating the prices are similar to any bar is not valid.  A glass of wine or beer can be one price in one city and double the price in another.


Look forward to sailing on 3/24 on the S/V Wind Surf.

May I bring some select cigars for smoking on thee aft deck or designated smoking area – will this impose on other guest for our sailing on February 16 out of St. Maarten on the Wind Surf?

Commodore Dave

Can I use my on board credit to help pay for the cost of the premium beverage package?

Going on the Windsurf in a month and I would like to know what the pricing is on alcoholic beverages.

David Robinson

I am confused, are soft drinks, bottled water, juices, etc. now included in the cruise fare? Also, if we buy wine on shore and want to drink it a dinner, what is the corkage fee. Thanks

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