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G_D_EU_Rovinj_022We all know the best things in life aren’t things, but we suspect you have that ONE favorite souvenir from that one trip… the object that makes you remember a unique travel experience or special someone. We polled our staff and Facebook fans to come up with the best souvenir they’ve brought back from their travels (and why). Here are a few of our favorites:

From Steve M., voyage leader on Wind Star: I’m just learning to play the guitar and have wanted a special guitar strap to remind me of my journeys. Rhodes is the best place in Greece to buy leather products, so I had one custom made there. It’s beautiful AND one of a kind!

From Susanne S.: On our 19 day trip across the Pacific on Wind Spirit in April of 2014, my husband and I created a white line block print of the ship entering the Polynesian Islands. He carved for a week; then I printed. The white line print process was introduced to the U.S. by a group of print makers in the early 20th century in Provincetown, Massachusetts. We live nearby on Cape Cod so are proud to continue the tradition. Our print hangs in our dining room where we remember that passage fondly every day.

From Sandra J.: The best souvenir I ever brought back from a trip was six Waterford crystal wine hocks that I bought at Harrods on our honeymoon in London, England over 40 years ago! It was a miracle we managed to get such delicate beauties home in perfect condition, and every time we use them, so many fond memories just flood back.

From Richard C.: My favorite souvenir are photos and videos off the stern of the Star Pride as it sailed out of Mostar. A HUGE full moon was drifting up and over the mountains behind the harbor.

From Janet G.: An ink and watercolor painting of the Eiffel Tower and Paris from a street artist in Montmartre and a beautiful Murano glass vase from Venice.

From Regina M.: On our last Wind Surf cruise my husband bought me a three foot tall hand- carved elephant at Saint Lucia. She is magnificent! I usually just bring home a tote bag. I can never have enough of those!
From Jocelyn R. K.: An alabaster jar from an old man in Egypt; I love it because of the biblical associations.
From Sally Spaulding: My favorite souvenir is a set of hand-made baby bibs I purchased in Portofino, Italy while on the Star Breeze inaugural voyage. My husband and I are expecting twins in the fall, and this was the first thing I ever bought for them… can’t wait to tell them they were world travelers before they were born!

From Rob R., voyage leader on Star Legend: I have a collection of fridge magnets going for my daughter, Kristina. The last one I purchased was of the Loch Ness Monster, on our Gaelic Explorers journey. I want to show her the places I have been, so as she gets older I can explain each magnet- to teach her about the areas and historical people from those regions.

Tell Us in the Comments: What’s the best souvenir you’ve ever brought back from your travels and why?

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Shel P.
1 year ago

On our first Windstar cruise I bought a beautiful Greek Bouzouki extensively inlaid with mother of pearl. It’s a lovely instrument, played regularly and the perfect souvenir from Greece.

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