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Destination Discovery Event: “Culloden: Fields of the Bonnie Prince”

We’re really enjoying our Destination Discovery Event program, are you?

There are so many unique ones happening around the world each week, and recently we experienced one of our favorites: The Fields of the Bonnie Prince in Culloden aboard our Gaelic Explorers itinerary (also happening in August of 2016).

The evening took place on an enchanting moor, where Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Highlanders lost to the Duke of Cumberland. It was the final confrontation of the Jacobite rising of 1745 and part of a religious civil war in Britain, for all you history buffs out there.

Windstar guests received an exclusive after-hours tour with expert guides, and while meandering through Fort George, they enjoyed Scottish salmon canapés and champagne.Bonnie-8679
Afterward, they experienced the most impressive part of this Windstar Destination Discovery Event: the Beating Retreat – a traditional military ceremony from 16th century England, first used to recall nearby patrolling units to their castle. Over the centuries, it has become a rousing military and musical performance complete with pipes, drums, and marches.
The evening marked the first time Fort George had hosted an evening like this, and the site is still considered a military base, so guests were exposed to lots of living history as well. The musicians, all local and mostly young boys and girls, all had a unique story to tell, along with the soldiers. We only wish we had more time to spend with them! Until next year…
For a more in-depth look into the event, check out visiting journalist Eileen Ogintz’s blog at, and watch the video from the Beating Retreat.


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Carol Cutler Thompson
6 years ago

This event the end of June, 2015, was one of the best experiences we’ve ever had and certainly the best with Windstar!

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