Travel influencers you should follow

20 Travel Influencers You Should Follow

Do you need inspiration for your next globe-trotting adventure? Or do you need photos to satisfy your wanderlust as you wait to head abroad? In either case, you may want to follow a travel influencer.

Travel influencers share photos, stories, advice, tips, product recommendations and all things travel-related with their fans. You’ll find them connecting with like-minded adventurers via blogging platforms, Instagram or YouTube. With so many amazing sights to see on this planet, a travel influencer can help you recognize your top destinations and inspire you to check items off your bucket list. 

There are also a lot of travel influencers to follow, and many have valuable pieces of information to offer. In this post, we’ll look at some of the best and show you travel bloggers and Instagrammers worth following. Whether your ideal journey revolves around restaurant-hopping in Italy or photographing wildlife in Indonesia, there’s an influencer for you. 

1. The Planet D

The Planet D is a blog started by Deb and Dave – a husband-and-wife team with a passion for traveling. After 20 years of marriage and ordinary living, the couple decided to pursue their dreams. Since 2008, they have journeyed to more than 115 countries and continue to share travel tips, encouraging stories and informative videos. The couple hopes to prove you don’t have to be wealthy or superhuman to see the world, and anyone can benefit from traveling. Check out their blog or YouTube channel and get motivated to follow your dreams.

2. Fat Girls Traveling

Fat Girls Traveling is an Instagram account founded by travel writer Annette Richmond. Richmond recognized the need for content that inspires all shapes and sizes to get out and explore the world. She collaborates with other women to take followers to exotic destinations and spread empowerment, self-love and travel tips along the way. You can also visit her blog to explore a range of topics, from facing your fears to Instagrammable food spots in London. 

3. Louis Cole

Louis Cole, also known as FunForLouis, is a YouTube vlogger and Instagrammer with a thirst for adventure. From drinking fermented horse milk in Kazakhstan to making coffee in Colombia, you’ll find Cole welcoming new experiences with open arms. He isn’t afraid to share the challenges that sometimes come with traveling, too, giving an honest look at an adventure-filled life. With the hope of inspiring social change, Cole is worth checking out. 

4. Callum Snape

Callum Snape is a freelance photographer from Vancouver, British Columbia. He’s on a mission to inspire people to appreciate and preserve nature, which you’ll find reflected in his breathtaking photos. He’s also a great influencer to follow if you’re a solo traveler who likes to wander off the beaten path. Snape isn’t afraid to admit he enjoys solo travel best because it allows him to embrace his experiences fully and connect with each destination’s culture. You can follow him on Instagram and view photos that capture the surreal and wild beauty of places like Bora Bora and Alberta.

5. Emilie Ristevski

Emilie Ristevski is an Australia-based photographer who is continually searching for hidden and spontaneous beauty. Her eye-catching photos take you to dreamscapes in far-flung places, from the windswept dunes of the Namib Desert to the glassy ice caves of Iceland. Follow her on Instagram and prepare to be mesmerized.

6. Oneika Raymond

Oneika Raymond is an award-winning journalist, Travel Channel host and an adventure addict. This Toronto-born former teacher is always planning her next escape and has visited over 100 countries and counting. On her blog, you’ll find tons of lifestyle and travel tips covering topics such as what to wear in Morocco and how to stay in shape while traveling. Check out her Instagram account for photos bursting with energy and vibrant scenery. If you’re a solo female traveler looking for the courage to take your next trip, Raymond is one of the most motivational travel bloggers to follow. 

7. Daniel Kordan

Daniel Kordan is a widely known Russian photographer with an eye for jaw-dropping landscapes and wild places. Once a student of quantum physics, Kordan decided to nurture his love for nature, photography and sharing his art with the world. He also provides photography workshops and tours in rugged places like the Puna de Atacama or the dramatic Lofoten Islands. If you want to view landscape photos that look more like a painting from a dream than real life, follow Kordan on Instagram, and you will not be disappointed.

8. Karl “Shakur” Ndieli

Karl Ndieli is a Kansas-based photographer and visual artist who specializes in travel and aerial photography. His collection of photos offers a variety of images and views from the sky, ground and even underwater in some of the world’s most stunning places. You can follow him on Instagram as he zooms around the planet and snaps vibrant photos. You’ll likely want to leap from your armchair and go for a swim somewhere distant and tropical.

9. Tiffany Nguyen

As a dentist and travel photographer, Tiffany Nguyen is proof that you can have more than one calling in life. With her camera in hand, Nguyen has immersed herself in new cultures and adventures. On her Instagram page, you’ll find awe-inspiring photos of many bucket-list destinations, including national parks and exotic locales. She also offers blog posts and tips on her website. Add her to your list of travel Instagram bloggers to follow and find out where she goes next.

10. Yuri Andries

Part of what makes any travel experience memorable and exciting is meeting new people, which Yuri Andries understands. Andries is a Belgian photographer known for his striking snapshots of locals, as well as expansive landscapes. He initially studied graphic design, and he didn’t decide to pursue photography until after he got his master’s degree — and we’re glad he did. One of his projects, titled “Moonland,” celebrates the harsh, yet magical, landscape of Ladakh and its people. You can follow Andries on Instagram, so you never have to miss who he runs into next.

11. Along Dusty Roads

In 2014, Andrew and Emily decided to leave life in London and pursue their traveling and photography passions. Since then, they’ve created Along Dusty Roads, a blog filled with practical tips and inspiring photos to encourage everyone to embrace adventure, savor each moment in new places and make a positive impact. Follow the duo on Instagram to view their shots of the people, places and moments they’ve captured far and wide.

12. Joann Pai

If you love trying new foods as you travel, make sure to look up Joann Pai. Pai is a food and travel photographer from Paris who has trekked the globe snapping shots of exotic feasts and colorful markets. On her blog, you’ll also find her guide to Paris to help you dine your way around the city. Browse her Instagram account for mouthwatering photos of dishes ranging from prawn wontons in chili oil to rustic apple tarts — but prepare to get hungry.

13. Loic Lagarde

Loic Lagarde is a talented French travel photographer with an academic background in electrical engineering. On his Instagram page, you’ll find carefully composed photos exploding with light and color. Many of his photographs focus on the architectural details you’ll find around the world. Some of Lagarde’s photos are so beautiful they’re hard to believe. You’ll likely get the urge to travel and see these marvels for yourself.

14. Tara Milk Tea

Tara Whiteman, also known as Tara Milk Tea, is an Australian photographer and Instagram travel blogger. With a determination to live every day to the fullest and find the most beautiful and colorful places on the planet, Whiteman hopes to inspire others to do what they love. She has traveled around the globe from Canada to South Korea, taking signature self-portraits along the way. Her photos on Instagram are brimming with color, style and romance. Many of her images capture food and sweet treats like pastel-colored ice cream in Tokyo. You’ll feel transported to a dream or fairytale when you follow her, and you’ll be glad to have her as your host.

15. Everything, Everywhere

Everything, Everywhere is a blog created by travel master Gary Arndt. In 2007, Arndt decided to sell his house and explore the world nonstop for nine years. Eventually, he rented an apartment to serve as his home base while he plans his next adventure, but he continues to visit around 20 countries each year.

On his blog, Arndt shares tips, experiences and photos covering the places he’s traveled to around the world. He’s been to every continent and all 50 states, and has photographed over 375 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you’re looking for a travel blogger to follow who offers an abundance of tips and spectacular photos, go on a voyage through his blog and get inspired.

16. Binny’s Food and Travel 

Binny Shah Patel is a London-based travel blogger and photographer who was born and raised in Kenya. Patel has insatiable wanderlust and a passion for food and wildlife conservation. On her blog, you’ll find travel tips, restaurant reviews and wildlife tourist attractions to avoid. Her Instagram account showcases food photos and plenty of positive quotes to get you moving. If you’re a foodie who shares Patel’s love for wildlife, be sure to follow her around the world.

17. An American in Rome

Are you obsessed with Rome, or Italy in general? If so, Natalie Kennedy, the creator of An American in Rome, completely understands and is here to help. Kennedy is a freelance writer and California native who fell in love with Rome and has been living there since 2010. She enjoys traveling throughout Italy and beyond, though her heart lies in Rome.

Kennedy provides tons of practical information to make your trip to Rome more authentic and enjoyable, from restaurant recommendations to day-trip ideas. She also writes about a range of fascinating Italy-related topics, including Italian candy and iconic pine trees. Check out her blog to feel like a local before you even depart, or visit her Instagram page for pics of focaccia and cobblestone streets.

18. The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad is a travel and photography blog started by Kiersten “Kiki” Rich, a former Californian who left her corporate career to reconnect with her soul. Having visited over 70 countries, Rich provides a plethora of helpful information geared toward solo female travelers.

Her blog is also fun to use and invites you to click on destinations you want to learn more about or explore your possibilities by the type of trip you’re interested in. You can also follow her on Instagram for colorful, joy-filled photos of her worldwide adventures.

19. Elona Karafin

Elona Karafin is an inspiration for many types of travelers. First, she proves you can travel the world and still keep your nine-to-five job. Even though Karafin is now a full-time traveler, she started by taking long weekend trips while working as a financial analyst. Through this experience, she learned that travel doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money, and if you want it badly enough, you can make it happen. Karafin is also a cancer survivor who now focuses on humanitarian efforts alongside her travels.

You can follow her blog or check out her gorgeous photos on Instagram. You might feel inspired to indulge your senses, spread positivity and celebrate life.

20. Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard is an American photographer, speaker, explorer and author. His goal as a world traveler is to inspire others to cherish their relationship with nature and protect the environment. Burkard loves to photograph remote landscapes and outdoor activities, and you’ll find him rock climbing, surfing and hiking in the most scenic places. Check out his travel blog on Instagram, and let it stir your sense of adventure.

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If you decide to follow traveler influencers, whether they’re bloggers, Instagrammers or both, you might find yourself filled with envy and admiration. Traveling releases you from the everyday routine and enriches your life, awakens your senses and connects you to people around the world. Whenever you travel somewhere new, it becomes part of who you are, and it changes you forever. As travel influencers know, there’s nothing like exploring a new destination and culture.

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