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Windstar Cruises has partnered with SAVEUR, a leading epicurean brand for culinary travel content, to develop a collection of local dining tips to uncover the world’s most delicious destinations for culinary travelers. Share your favorite dining tip using #WindstarDiningTips

Dalmatian Soul Food

Zlatna Školjka
P. Hektorovica 8, Hvar, Hvar Island
A diamond in the rough tucked in a narrow alley jammed with restaurants, Zlatna Školjka offers intimate service and soulful “slow food” fare in an atmospheric stone-walled dining room. Owner Ivan Buzolić is something of a Croatian celebrity chef and his delicious, creative dishes like gnocchi with almond sauce, lamb with coconut sauce, and sea snail risotto are evidence why.

A Delicious Escape

Konoba Humac
Open seasonally, June-Sept. Humac lies 32 km east of Hvar Town. ph: 021 768108
If it’s a truly memorable taste of Croatia you’re after, hop a taxi out of bustling Old Hvar to the tiny village of Humac, a semi-abandoned 18th-century shepherds’ settlement. There you’ll find winding mountain roads, stone cottages, and Konoba Humac–a rustic eatery serving homemade wine and traditional Dalmatian specialties like goat cheese salad and slow, terracotta-cooked lamb. The service is friendly and the setting–complete with flickering candlelight and the scent of wild rosemary and lavender–will stay with you long after you leave.

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