How many people can I expect on my cruise

How Many People Can I Expect on My Cruise?

Are you considering booking a cruise, but don’t want to deal with crowds? If you’re the type of traveler who would prefer to avoid a crowded cruise ship and instead enjoy an intimate, immersive and relaxing voyage, you have options. As some of the least crowded cruise ships you’ll find, Windstar Cruises welcomes you aboard. 

How Many People Are on a Cruise Ship?

The average cruise ship carries around 3,000 passengers, and some may hold over 6,000. However, that’s not the case with Windstar Cruises. All our vessels comfortably accommodate roughly 250 to 350 guests, and leave plenty of room to move around. Here are the different ships you can sail on with Windstar and what you can expect with each.

Wind Surf

Wind Surf is our prized sailing ship that will bring you closer to the sea with its seven billowing sails and gorgeous decks. With this ship’s six decks and capacity to accommodate 342 guests, you can stretch out comfortably or find a quiet nook whenever you need some solitude. Wind Surf features:

  • 150 staterooms with ocean views and 188 square feet
  • 18 spacious suites with ocean views and 376 square feet
  • Two expansive bridge suites with ocean views and 495 square feet
  • One officer’s suite located in the officers’ quarters with ocean views and 242 square feet

All the staterooms and suites on Wind Surf offer elegant and comfortable design, queen-sized beds and must-have amenities. You’ll also discover pleasant surprises like flowers and fresh fruit to enhance your stay. 

While aboard, you can order room service whenever you feel like staying in, or, if you want to stretch your legs and explore, there are plenty of spaces to enjoy. You might savor an after-dinner cocktail in the Lounge, for example, or indulge in a decadent dessert in Stella Bistro Restaurant. Feel free to unwind in one of two whirlpools, or let your tension melt away in the World Spa by Windstar. No matter how you choose to spend your time on Wind Surf, you’ll have plenty of room to relish every moment.

Wind Star

Wind Star is our small and intimate sailing ship that carries no more than 148 guests. On Wind Star, you’ll feel like you’re sailing a private yacht to dreamy destinations throughout the Caribbean or Mediterranean. With four broad teak decks, you can catch a breath of fresh, salty air whenever you please, without squeezing through crowds. Here are the accommodations you’ll find aboard:

  • 73 staterooms with ocean views and cozy queen-sized beds
  • One owner’s suite with ocean views and 220 square feet, including a dining space and sitting area

Wind Star includes all the in-room amenities you’d expect with any Windstar Cruises ship, plus access to world-class dining venues, an inviting lounge, pool and spa. While aboard Wind Star, be sure to reserve a table to dine to the sunset at Candles, our open-air restaurant. If you want to page through a book as you rest your body and stimulate your mind, you’re always welcome to find a cozy spot in the library.

Wind Spirit

Wind Spirit is in many ways similar to Wind Star, but has a slightly greater gross registered tonnage. You can expect to share the sailing ship with no more than 148 other travelers. Like Wind Star, accommodations include 73 ocean-view staterooms and one owner’s suite. 

A voyage on Wind Spirit enables you to quietly enjoy the gentle sea breeze as you stand beneath billowing sails and watch secluded islands come into view. If you want to sunbathe or take a dip, you’ll have access to a pool and hot tub. As with all Windstar ships, you can use the Watersports Platform to enjoy the glittering sea and swim, kayak or water ski off the ship’s stern.

Star Pride

All our Star Plus Class ships are part of a $250 million initiative designed to offer more of everything our guests love — without cruise ship crowds. With its 312-guest capacity, Star Pride is an all-suite ship that can still squeeze into hidden ports and narrow, scenic waterways. You can choose from a range of charming and spacious suites, which include:

  • Four owner’s suites with private verandas
  • Two classic suites with private verandas
  • One deluxe suite with ocean views
  • Two deluxe suites with French-style balconies
  • 22 Star suites with French-style balconies
  • 36 suites with French-style balconies
  • 21 Star suites with picture windows
  • 58 suites with picture windows
  • 10 Star porthole suites

Every suite on Star Pride offers at least 277 square feet and an ocean view, so you can watch sun-drenched coasts and glacier-carved fjords pass by from the comfort and peace of your room. To learn more about each suite on Star Pride, view the deck plan here.

Star Breeze

You can expect the same spaciousness, comfort and amenities on Star Breeze as you would on any of our Star-class ships, and you’ll be one of only 312 guests. With Star Breeze, you’ll have your pick of expansive, ocean-view suites to call home as you sail to destinations around the globe, including ports in Alaska, Mexico and the Mediterranean. While aboard Star Breeze, be sure to visit our two brand-new restaurants — Star Grill by Steven Raichlen and Cuardro 44 by Anthony Sasso — for inspired and inventive cuisine, or let yourself surrender to pampering with a massage at the new World Spa by Windsdtar.

Star Legend

Star Legend is our third Star Plust Class ship, transformed to delight 312 travelers. You’ll enjoy the same selection of cozy, yet elegant, suites as our other Star Plus Class ships, and have the chance to explore enchanting ports throughout the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, and Central America.

While aboard Star Legend, you can feel like you’re drifting into the aquamarine sea as you relax in the infinity pool. Or, maybe you’d like to energize your body at the renovated fitness center or enjoy a satisfying breakfast in the redesigned and expanded veranda. Wherever you are on Star Legend or any Windstar ship, you’ll be free to relax however you wish, engage your senses and fully immerse yourself in the experience, without crowds.

The Benefits of Intimate Cruises

A small cruise ship provides a much different experience than a large one. Unlike a cruise on a colossal ship that may cater to partying crowds or boisterous families, an intimate voyage may be ideal if you prefer a more low-key, culturally immersive experience. A smaller ship may also be right for you if you want to relax as you sail to different ports, prefer to avoid crowds and value a good night’s sleep. Here are some of the benefits you can expect on a small, uncrowded cruise ship.

Small Ships Are Easy to Navigate

Large ships have intimidating deck plans and require effort to get around. Some of the largest cruise ships are over 1,000 feet long and feature more than 10 decks. A smaller ship might be half that size and is much easier to navigate. On a small ship, you’ll spend less time getting lost or walking from one point to the next. You’ll also get to know your surroundings quickly, so you can feel at home fast. Overall, smaller ships are less stressful to manage and leave plenty of time to relax and focus on the journey. 

You’ll Have More Port Options

Small ships can take you just about anywhere, including popular must-see ports and more secluded, less-touristy areas that massive cruise ships can’t reach. That means you can explore colorful hidden harbors throughout Europe, or find paradise on a secluded tropical beach.

At Windstar Cruises, we help guests explore remote areas they wouldn’t have access to on a large ship. For example, our guests can use Zodiacs, or inflatable boats, to safely reach secret beaches that do not have docks and require wet landings

You’ll Travel With Like-Minded People

Massive cruise ships may feel like bustling, high-energy cities and leave you feeling like a stranger at sea. A smaller ship boasts a more laid-back, intimate atmosphere that feels more like an exclusive hotel than a busy metropolis. A small ship creates an environment that promotes conversation with other guests and invites you to enjoy activities together. On an intimate cruise, you’re sure to meet like-minded travelers who share your love of culture, cuisine or history. You may even make lifelong friends.

Unique Experiences Abound

Intimate cruises tend to focus on rare and unique experiences and look beyond ordinary tourist activities. For example, at Windstar Cruises, we carefully select extraordinary excursions to appeal to all travelers. Some of these trips include behind-the-scenes food tours, wilderness photography adventures, visits to lesser-known archaeological sites and private boat rides to secret islands. We also enable travelers to visit bucket-list destinations such as national parks and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Small ships also mean smaller groups and a better chance of having the experience you want. Whether you love nature, history, culture, food or art, we can help you create your dream voyage.

Small ships offer unique experiences aboard, as well. While you might associate large ships with cliched activities, you can be sure you’ll have access to something enriching and unusual on a smaller cruise. For example, we offer guests access to our Watersports Platform, which allows them to enjoy a range of activities wherever we dock. We also strive to create flavorful culinary experiences for our guests, and our chefs use local ingredients and culture to inspire their dishes.

You’ll Learn a Lot

On a small ship, staff members don’t have as many guests to serve, and they can provide personalized service. They’re also available to talk with you and answer your questions, so you can learn about the ship and each destination. On a cruise with Windstar, you’re welcome to come on the bridge to talk with the captain and gain an insider’s view of the ship. As you’ll see, you’ll genuinely feel like you’re sailing and connected with the sea, and not just in a floating city.

Smaller ships might also arrange special lectures to help guests delve deeper into the region and learn about fascinating topics. You may also enjoy nightly port talks to get a glimpse of the adventures awaiting you. Windstar Cruises offers enrichment programs for travelers who wish to enhance their voyage with expert knowledge and curated activities. Depending on your itinerary, you might watch onboard cooking demonstrations to heighten your culinary skills or meet with a guide to journey into Alaska’s wilderness. Overall, staff on smaller ships strive to create authentic experiences for guests.

Painfully Long Lines Don’t Exist

You won’t face long lines when you embark or disembark on a small cruise ship. The fewer people on board, the less chance you’ll have to wait in line for anything on the ship. With fast-moving lines or no lines at all, you’ll have more time to explore each destination or relax aboard. After a long day of adventure, you’ll be glad you chose a small ship when you’re ready to kick back and savor the evening. 

You’ll Enjoy a Quieter Voyage

A smaller ship is less overwhelming and much quieter than a large one, and it won’t leave you feeling exhausted when you return home. Sleep and rest are essential, even if you’re traveling for the sake of adventure. You’ll enjoy your experience much more if you feel well-rested for the day ahead. A small, quiet ship makes it easier to get the sleep you need to feel rejuvenated.

For example, you won’t have to worry about crowds of people dancing and singing until dawn beneath your cabin or endless entertainment options to keep you awake. Also, with fewer people aboard, you can expect less noise during the day. Plus, an uncrowded cruise ship has plenty of quiet nooks you can sneak away to, to enjoy a few moments of reflection or a conversation with a new friend. 

Browse Uncrowded Cruises With Windstar

If you’re not sure if cruising is right for you or wish to avoid cliches, you may want to try voyaging on a smaller ship. With a small ship, you can be sure you won’t get stuck in a large crowd, and you can look forward to personalized service and an authentic and unforgettable experience. At Windstar Cruises, we enjoy taking travelers to once-in-a-lifetime places worldwide and enhancing their journeys with unique excursions and exceptional service. If you’re ready to book an adventure on an uncrowded cruise ship, contact a Vacation Planner or find your cruise today.

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