Why You Should Celebrate Your Birthday on a Cruise

Instead of taking your friends out to the same old restaurant or having a game night at your place for your birthday, try something different this year. A birthday cruise allows you to create a unique adventure and explore a new destination, all in celebration of your special day.

Whether you want an extravagant party with your closest friends or an intimate getaway with your significant other, you can celebrate how you want with a birthday cruise. Explore these ways you can make your birthday on a cruise ship a memorable experience.


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11 Reasons to Celebrate Your Birthday on a Cruise

Taking your special day to the waters around the world comes with plenty of perks. Explore the following reasons why you should spend your birthday on a cruise ship:

1. Gather With All Your Loved Ones

On a birthday cruise, you can invite all your friends and family to come with you on your vacation. Every person or couple will get their own room so they can have privacy as needed. You can then set up times to meet with them for excursions, meals and drinks. Get the most out of your experience by booking a cruise on a ship with a small passenger size for an intimate gathering with those you love and special attention from the crew.

2. Have a Relaxing Spa Day

Take a break from the stress of your life and book a spa treatment on your birthday. Gliding on a peaceful body of water while you get a massage, facial, manicure or pedicure provides a relaxing experience for your special day. Since you’re in control of your birthday itinerary, you may want to spend it unwinding and getting pampered. Instead of rushing back to work after your massage, you can continue relaxing for the rest of your stay on the ship.

3. Enjoy a Birthday Dinner at Sea

Instead of going to the same restaurant where you’ve spent all your past birthdays, take it to the next level by enjoying dinner on the water. You and your loved ones can have a sophisticated meal on the ship or explore a place to eat in a new destination. Windstar offers delicious food from our chefs on each of our yachts, so you can enjoy what you want on your special day. Our attentive crew will also remember your dietary restrictions and preferences.

4. Reserve a Special Excursion

When you book a cruise vacation for your birthday, you can create your schedule and spend your time how you want. At Windstar, we offer various shore excursions to give you a great time with your loved ones who came with you to celebrate.

Depending on where you are in the world, you can go wine tasting, participate in water sports, enjoy a relaxing stroll on the beach or take a tour around a local town. We’ll help you enjoy your new surroundings and participate in activities you enjoy.

5. Dance the Night Away

After a day of exploring the local area, spend the night dancing with your significant other and making new friends on the dance floor. If you’re not much of a dancer yourself, you can also watch a show of dancers on the ship. Each of Windstar’s ships offers unique activities and events both on board and on land. Explore the options we provide on each yacht to find out what you can do as you celebrate your special day.

6. Celebrate for a Whole Week

You may like to extend your birthday celebration beyond one day. Birthday cruises allow you to celebrate your special occasion for an entire week or more. Think about what part of the world would serve as an excellent setting for your birthday week. With more time to celebrate, you can create more memories with those you love and stories to tell to those who are waiting for you back home.

7. Have an Unforgettable Experience

Whether you’re celebrating a milestone birthday or starting a new yearly tradition, booking a birthday cruise provides you with a memorable, adventurous experience. Instead of spending your birthday how you do every year, book a vacation unlike any other. Think about a part of the world you’ve wanted to visit but haven’t gotten the chance to explore. When you book a birthday cruise, you get to celebrate your special occasion in a unique location and bring home memories you’ll never forget.

8. Enjoy the Pleasure of a Cruise

Besides having fun at your birthday party, you can also enjoy the exclusive activities we offer to make your special day even more special. With our customizable packages, you can participate in cooking demonstrations or enjoy the free events we have on our ship. Some cruises offer guest lecturers who are experts in exciting topics.

With all the onboard activities we have available, you don’t have to leave the yacht to have a pleasant experience. Your destination of choice also has many activities you can enjoy by yourself or with friends.

9. Get Pampered on Your Special Day

When you schedule a quick gathering with your loved ones on your birthday, you still have to come home to work and do all your chores. Instead, book a week-long birthday cruise to give you the relaxation you need from your busy life. Spend your birthday by having everyone take care of you. The crew will treat you like royalty during your whole stay. Treat yourself to a delicious meal, an entertaining show and whatever drinks you want.

10. Indulge in Free Amenities

When you invest in an elegant cruise in a new location, your ship offers free perks to help make your stay even more enjoyable. Each stateroom comes with comfortable bed linens, a robe and slippers, television, bath and shower products, fresh flowers and fresh fruit.

Explore the different amenities each Windstar cruise provides to help you decide what you’d like to include in your birthday getaway. Besides the amenities in your stateroom or suite, our staff will be attentive to your needs to get you what you need during your stay.

11. Celebrate Somewhere Fun

Make your birthday memorable this year by exploring a new destination with your loved ones. With all the locations we travel to with our ships, you can choose to visit anywhere in the world. Enjoy the local food and check out the beautiful landmarks that make each country unique.

Whether you want to go wine tasting along the Mediterranean or whale watching in Alaska, you can make your birthday an exciting one. Instead of visiting a local place for your birthday, go anywhere you want on the map.

Birthday on a Cruise Ship Ideas

If you’ve decided you want to spend your special occasion on an intimate ship, get planning and follow these tips to optimize your experience:


1. Figure out Who to Invite

Think about who you’d like to celebrate your special day with. A birthday cruise is a great way to celebrate with your significant other or close friend. You may even want to spend it alone and make new friends on the ship. You’ll then have to decide whether you’ll help cover their trip or if their presence will be their gift to you.

If you bring a small group of your friends, you may want to commemorate the occasion with matching T-shirts, hats or tote bags. That way, the other members on the ship will know why you’re celebrating and may even want to join in on the fun. Matching outfits with bright colors also allows you to find your party when you all split up during excursions.

2. Let Everyone Know It’s Your Birthday

When you book your cruise with one of our travel advisors, tell them you’ll be celebrating your birthday during your stay. During that conversation, the specialist can let you know about the excursions available on your ship and what you can do to make your day more memorable.

It also helps us to know when you’re celebrating your birthday so we can alert the crew. While we treat all our guests like royalty, you deserve to have a pleasant experience on your special day. If we know to expect you, we can make the proper arrangements to make your birthday celebration a success.

3. Bring Decorations

Another way to let everyone know it’s your birthday is to decorate your stateroom or suite, both inside and outside. If you’re bringing a small group of friends with you, they can surprise you with streamers, balloons and fun signs to hang up on your door. They can also bring birthday party hats to help you celebrate wherever you go. Let the whole ship know what you’re celebrating to feel like a star. As people pass by, they can wish you a happy birthday. 

4. Arrive in Style

If you want to feel like royalty even before you leave for your cruise, think about renting a limo or upscale car to escort you to the dock on your departure date. You’ll be the talk of the whole ship as you step out of your ride with your loved ones.

Besides arriving in style, renting a car or limo helps you avoid arranging parking before your cruise. Instead, you can have your ride pick you up when you return, so the celebration can continue even after you get off the ship.

5. Choose Your Itinerary

Before you go on your trip, consider what activities you and your loved ones would enjoy. With so many different activities available at your disposal, you can find excursions and events that everyone will enjoy, whether they’re in their 20s or 70s.

Think about how long you’d like to be on the ship and what you’d like to do each day of your vacation. Knowing all this information before you go on the trip will help you enjoy it to the fullest instead of figuring it out in the moment. Book a spa day on your birthday, or plan to go ziplining in a picturesque location.

6. Choose Your Amenities

Besides the fun activities available on your ship, you can also get amenities added to your package to make your experience more enjoyable. Unless you get the all-inclusive package, which has all of these amenities, you can choose which of the following services you need:

  • Captain’s Exclusive Beverage Package: Enjoy every moment of your birthday with your selection of beer, cocktails, cordials, aperitifs and liqueurs. We offer cocktails of the day based on the ship’s location.
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi: Share all your pictures and memories with your friends and family back home with access to a wireless connection anywhere in the world.
  • Laundry Service: Pack lightly for your journey by taking advantage of our laundry services.

Discuss your package options further with one of our travel advisors.

Order a Delicious Birthday Dinner

7. Order a Delicious Birthday Dinner

The ship will have a lot of delicious food, but you can explore a local restaurant on your birthday. When you’re on board a Windstar ship, you can get the best of both worlds. We use local, fresh ingredients to support local businesses and give you a truly immersive experience.

Spend your birthday taking part in a cooking demonstration or wine tasting tour to have a hand in what you’ll enjoy on your special day. In some cases, you can even go to the local market with the chef to pick the ingredients you want for your dinner. Discuss your meal options with a travel advisor.

8. Finish off the Night With Dessert

After a delicious meal, celebrate with a dessert of your choice. Get a personalized message on your cake and a crew of people to sing to you to finish off your celebratory night. It helps to coordinate with your cruise specialist about bringing a cake on the ship or having them order one for you.

Book Your Next Birthday Cruise With Windstar

Book Your Next Birthday Cruise With Windstar

Celebrating your birthday while on a cruise ship is an adventurous, memorable experience that allows you to spread out the fun all week long. Find a cruise that suits the amount of time you want to be at sea and where you want to explore on your special day. When you’re ready to set sail on your birthday, reach out to us online to book your one-of-a-kind birthday cruise.

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