Cinque Terre on the Italian coastline

Carol & Richard McMakin – Windstar Cruises’ Yacht Club Members Profile

We’re kicking off the launch of our newly enhanced loyalty program by celebrating our past guests during Yacht Club Member Appreciation Week. Each day we’ll be profiling a Yacht Club Member to showcase the member’s Windstar experiences and memories.

Number of Windstar Cruises: 43

We’ve been fortunate to have taken 43 Windstar cruises so far. It’s hard to choose a favorite however Tahiti, the Greek Isles, and Italy’s Amalfi Coast come to mind, especially walking the Cinque Terre.

Richard and Carol on board a Windstar ship
Richard and Carol on board a Windstar ship

Our first trip with Windstar was a delayed honeymoon trip we took on Wind Song in Costa Rica in 1998. Finding Windstar opened up a whole new world of travel for us since we wanted a sailing vessel and not thousands of guests on board. I think my husband thought I wanted him to sleep in a bunk and work the boat.

Most memorable Windstar moment?

We loved seeing the pride of the Philippine crew during their celebration luncheon at the Manila Hotel and meeting many families of the Indonesian crew in Jakarta.

Richard: We were on board a Windstar cruise when Xanterra outbid Ambassador’s International (Windstar’s previous owner) so we saw the surprise and pleasure on the crew’s faces.

Carol: I enjoyed celebrating my birthday in Phuket washing elephants and getting permission from the Captain to have a late dinner with a crew member we’ve known for 20 years.

We keep coming back to Windstar because we like the size of the yachts, the destinations, and above all, the crew.  They are the backbone of the Windstar fleet and always show such concern and pleasure in making passengers happy.  We’ve made many friends among the crew (past and present) who we stay in touch with.  There is always such a warm welcome from the crew that makes you feel like you’re home. And we look forward to the other passengers we’ve met over the years that we still see. We value the feeling that the company truly cares and they let you (and the crew) know it and do it with pride.

A signed Christmas stocking
A Christmas stocking that Jenny (from the shop) did for Carol. I believe she had as many of the crew sign it as she could find!

We think South America would be an interesting next destination and we’d also love to return to New Zealand.  Actually, we’ll go anywhere your wonderful planners can find.

Carol sailing a Pico off the Wind Surf
Carol sailing a Pico off Wind Surf

Our tips for new Windstar cruisers: Do not prejudge your trip – let the ship and its crew show you what they can do and how well they do it.  Truly relax, and be open to new adventures and new friends.


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