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    • Greece --- Middle Aged Man Using a Cell Phone on a Cruise Ship --- Image by © Randy Faris/Corbis

      Staying in Touch on Windstar
      July 23rd, 2015

      Ah, vacation – a time for letting go, cutting loose, and connecting with the world/loved ones. Sometimes, it also means disconnecting from technology as you recharge your own personal batteries. Still, it’s an increasingly connected world we live in, and Windstar realizes that you can’t always turn off your devices, social media platforms, or email…

    • Venice

      Windstar Photography Cruises
      July 14th, 2015

      A great vacation is often remembered years later by the pictures taken and the memories associated with them. Not to mention, nowadays people are obsessed with posting pictures to Instagram, Facebook, and most other social media outlets. The better the photo, the more likely people are to comment. Windstar is offering new, complimentary photography programs…

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      Guest Review: Splendors of Southern Spain
      July 8th, 2015

      Ken Rothschild recently sailed on Wind Surf’s “Splendors of Southern Spain”, Barcelona-Lisbon cruise from Jun 13th until June 21st. He shares his experience below. We got back from our trip earlier this week and wanted to let you know that the cruise was fantastic. We have been on other cruises before, but this was the…