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      Interview with Windstar Diving Instructor
      August 26th, 2015

      Maybe it’s because fall is approaching, but our thoughts today are drifting to the tropics… warm beaches, marine life, and crystal waters to be exact. We wish we were spending the day exploring marine life and spectacular coral formations, but some of our employees actually get to do just that nearly every day! We have…

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      Water Sports Platform
      August 12th, 2015

      Sailings with Windstar include a lot of special amenities, but one of our most fun (and unique) is the Water Sports Platform, which allows guests easy access to the ocean around them. The platform exists on each of our six yachts and includes unlimited use of all water sports equipment including stand up paddle boarding,…

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      Staying in Touch on Windstar
      July 23rd, 2015

      Ah, vacation – a time for letting go, cutting loose, and connecting with the world/loved ones. Sometimes, it also means disconnecting from technology as you recharge your own personal batteries. Still, it’s an increasingly connected world we live in, and Windstar realizes that you can’t always turn off your devices, social media platforms, or email…