Why a Cruise Should Be Your First Vacation as a Couple

Why a Cruise Should Be Your First Vacation as a Couple

An elegant cruise on a small ship is the ultimate romantic experience for you and your significant other. With exciting excursions and plenty of opportunities for downtime, you can quiet the noise of your busy lives together and be fully present with one another. Unique culinary experiences and entertainment with an exotic destination as your backdrop will help the two of you create memories that can last for years to come.

Windstar Cruise offers several intimate cruise ships that allow you and your partner to create an unforgettable vacation together by exploring places most other cruise lines can’t access. This guide will help you discover the benefits of booking a cruise vacation as a couple and how to get the most out of your experience at sea.

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6 Reasons a Cruise Should Be Your First Vacation as a Couple

A cruise is an excellent new couple vacation for you to take with your significant other. Consider some of the following reasons you should book a cruise as your first vacation together.

1. It’s Romantic

Imagine walking hand-in-hand on the deck and watching the sunrise every morning. A cruise offers many ways to have an elegant date every night. Make fun memories and connect with your loved one for your entire stay, whether you want a private morning in your stateroom or an exhilarating adventure in an exotic location. Discover the mysteries of the world’s hidden corners and bask in the beauty of the cool blue water under your feet as you confess your love for each other.

Windstar has a small, intimate ship that allows you to spend time together and make new friends along the way. You have access to the Bridge to learn where you are and meet with the captain, an amenity many other cruise ships can’t offer. You tend to find out the names of everyone on board with you, and you may even get their contact information to meet up with them on future vacations.

Besides exploring new territories, you can get the best of both worlds by enjoying lazy days in your itinerary as well. You have no responsibilities and no stress for the duration of your stay, so you can get away from your everyday activities and truly focus on the one you love. A cruise ship allows you to do whatever you want that sparks the romance between you and your significant other.

It's Romantic

2. Food and Drinks Are Readily Available

A cruise vacation takes the guesswork out of finding a place to eat for dinner. Windstar offers unique culinary experiences on all our ships that can bring the two of you together for a decadent meal. Explore the food and drink packages that appeal to you and your significant other so you can indulge in your ideal meals and beverages during your stay on the ship.

Wake up well-rested, roll out of bed and enjoy a delicious breakfast made with fresh, local ingredients. Indulge in meals throughout the day at your own pace. If you want an elegant, fancy dinner out while gazing at the stars, you can get dressed up with your loved one and enjoy a safe, memorable meal on-site for ultimate convenience. Book a reservation at a restaurant where the staff knows your name and food preferences.

When you reserve your cruise and alert them of any food allergies or medical conditions you have, they can prepare one-of-a-kind cuisine just for you. Besides onboard dining, you can also experience an exotic selection of delicacies through a local immersion excursion. The chef will take you to local markets, where you can discover popular ingredients in each destination city. 

Whatever your preferences for food and fun, you’re sure to enjoy a delicious set of meals on a cruise with your loved one.

3. Take Excursions to Make Memories

Excursions are fun activities that allow you and your significant other to explore different parts of the world. You can find things to do on your first couple vacation that you’ll both enjoy, whether you’re into thrills and excitement or education and history. 

Spending time with your loved one, whether zip-lining through the jungle or getting a tan on a secluded beach, can help you make memories you’ll always remember. You can even take pictures and videos to share the experience with your friends and family back home.

Windstar offers plenty of shore excursions to help you learn and explore the various port cities on your cruise. We find authentic experiences for you and your significant other to enjoy by visiting them ourselves. Since we’d only take you to a place we’ve seen before, we can vouch for its safety, value and adventure. Explore the culture where you’re visiting in smaller groups to skip the lines and experience authentic the dances, shops and restaurants of your destination.

A tour guide can take you through a private tour, where you can ask questions and explore places most people don’t get a chance to see. When you do excursions that coincide with our cruise ships, you can find activities that fit within the ship’s itinerary, so you can get back on board on time to sail off to the next port city.

4. You Can Do Things Together

Quality time together allows you to bond and grow closer as a couple. When you go on a cruise vacation, you don’t have to deal with the distractions that keep you away as you try to get to know each other. Instead, you have each other’s full attention as you make memories together and talk about your hopes and dreams. All you need to think about is having a good time with the one you love.

Whether you want to get on your feet and move around or kick off your shoes and relax for the day, you can find activities that cater to the things you enjoy doing with your partner. Windstar’s ships each have a Watersports Platform with water skis, kayaks, water trampolines and paddleboards. You can also lounge by the pool and make friends with other couples who have come to make memories together. You have endless choices for how you want to spend your day with the one you love.

Get a couples massage and let the stress of your daily lives roll off your back. Book a reservation at a fancy restaurant, where you can wear your favorite dress or suit and watch the sunset while sipping on champagne. End the night by dancing with your significant other and meeting other couples on the dance floor. 

With many opportunities for you and your partner to connect, you’ll grow closer as a couple and make memories to last a lifetime.

You Can Do Things Together

5. You Can Do Things Separately

Even though you may love your partner, you’ll also need to do something alone after spending so much time with them. Besides couple activities, cruises also offer activities for you to do on your own. You may be a couple, but you each have individual interests that you can enjoy independently. 

Wake up early and get in your daily workout before taking on the day with your sweetie, or sit in the library and read a book. The two of you can even enjoy separate shore excursions and report back to each other at the end of the day. 

Having time to yourself can help avoid conflicts from stress, and when you each do different activities, you can talk about your experiences over dinner. Spending time alone also takes the pressure off you if you don’t feel like going out for the day. You can relax in your stateroom while your significant other goes off on their own.

At the same time, if they don’t feel like going out for the day, you and your loved one can part ways while you go on an adventure, and they stay in the stateroom or go somewhere quiet. As you spend more time apart, you’ll discover that you may grow closer together. Since you’re on the same ship together, you know you’ll find each other again soon.

6. Diverse Options for Destinations

There’s nothing more romantic than having the opportunity to explore different cities with the one you love. When you book a cruise with your significant other, you know you’ll experience numerous port cities and make fun memories. You also have the comfort of knowing there’s a stateroom waiting for you at the end of the day, so you can relax and discuss what you’ve found together. 

A cruise allows you to explore almost anywhere in the world. Unlike a regular vacation, you can visit more than one location in a matter of days.

Check a city off your bucket list and make fun memories with the one you love. As you look for a destination that you and your significant other will both enjoy, think about the amenities and excursions you want to take part in. No matter where you go, make sure you include your partner in the planning. Even though it may be fun and exciting to surprise your significant other with a cruise, it’s helpful to have them share their preferences to boost anticipation for the trip.

Picking the perfect destination can be a fun date night before you start your vacation. Your availability plays a role in where you go on a cruise. Ships typically go to certain places during specific times of the year. If you’d prefer to go someplace warm in the winter, consider the Caribbean or Tahiti. On the other hand, if you want to escape the summer heat, you may enjoy the breathtaking views in Alaska.

6 Reasons a Cruise Should Be Your First Vacation as a Couple

What to Look for When Booking Your Couple’s Vacation

As you book your couple cruise, you and your significant other are both in control of the activities, food, beverages and entertainment you enjoy together during your stay. Consider the following factors as you plan this incredible vacation with each other:

  • How much you’re willing to spend:Our Windstar ships offer different amenities to help you find the right cruise package that fits within your budget. Think about the budget you’ve set aside for your exclusive vacation and what features you can splurge on to make it an unforgettable experience. Our advice is to choose a cruise ship that’s slightly under your budget, so you have more money to spend when you arrive and can add on excursions throughout your stay.
  • What your package includes: Think about what services and products would make your vacation an unforgettable experience. When you invest in our all-inclusive cruise package, you get all the amenities you need for your vacation, including unlimited Wi-Fi, beverages and concierge services. We’ll even do your laundry so you can enjoy your time with the one you love. If you don’t plan on drinking much, you can get your beverages a la carte.
  • What food and drinks you’d like to have: Cruise ships offer a wide selection of restaurants, whether you want a casual night with your significant other or a fancy meal to commemorate your love for one another. You can also indulge in the food that’s popular at your cruise’s destination. Consult your cruise planner about any food allergies or medical conditions you or your partner may have, and we’ll accommodate your requests to keep you safe, healthy and satisfied during your stay.
  • The activities you want to do: The activities you participate in during your cruise vacation depend on your ship’s destination. Think about the activities you’d like to do with your partner, whether you want to lay back and relax for the whole week or explore a city rich with history and culture. Plan for a nice blend of relaxation and adventure if you want to take a week-long vacation or more.
  • What entertainment your ship offers: Even though there’s a lot to do at each port city you visit, cruise ships also provide onboard entertainment to keep you and your loved one busy. Make room in your itinerary for the entertainment you want to enjoy on the yacht. As with the activities and food, the shows and experiences available often reflect the cruise ship’s destination. You may experience a local dancing show or a cooking class that teaches you how to cook local cuisine.

Book a Romantic Cruise With Windstar Cruise

The right cruise can bring you and your significant other together by fostering unforgettable memories and helping you connect in a new way. When you book a cruise with Windstar, it may be the most romantic vacation you’ll ever take together. If you’re looking for your first vacation as a couple, explore our destinations and find the best one for you and your partner.

Windstar Cruise provides romantic, intimate cruise options for you to consider with your loved one. Book a cruise today, or call 877-652-1306 for more information about the services and experiences we offer for you to enjoy on your romantic vacation.

Book a Romantic Cruise With Windstar Cruise

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