Cruise Bevearage Package

Cruise Beverage Package and Laundry Service

The beauty of sailing at sea is the elegant simplicity of the experience. No lines, no distractions, no complications, just effortless enjoyment and boundless seas. Our crew delights in making your voyage as stress-free as possible. Electing to purchase a Beverage or Laundry Package will further eliminate any work on your part because the only concern you should be contemplating is: “Do we go wine tasting or scuba diving?” Let us handle the laundry.

Premium Beverage Package:

Bringing Alcohol Onboard

Guests are allowed to bring aboard one (1) bottle of wine per person at embarkation and additional wine and beer purchased onshore during the Cruise, which can be consumed in public areas subject to the Ship’s prevailing corkage fee. Any hard alcohol purchased on shore during the Cruise and brought onboard must be placed in the custody of crew for a return to passengers on the conclusion of the voyage. Also, please keep in mind there’s a 2 bottle limit for the extension of your voyage 3 bottles for 8+ day voyages. All additional alcohol, including those bottles purchased at ports of call along the cruise route, will be kept by the ship’s purser and delivered to your room the last evening of the voyage. Guests may consume the outside beverages in the dining room, but a small corkage fee (approx $15 + 15% gratuity) will be applied to the guest’s onboard account.

Windstar’s Cruises Laundry Services:

cruise crew member doing laundry serviceTravel light and take pleasure in the feeling of freshly washed and pressed clothing every day from our professional laundry. Enjoy the service during your entire cruising, with a quick turnaround of 24 hours on all items, and same day service available when items are turned in by 9:00 a.m.

  • Package includes laundry service for two occupants per cabin, price per day is $16 USD.
  • Single occupant package price is 1/2 of the package price shown above, price per day is $8 USD.

Packages must be added by the first day of the cruise and will be priced by the total number of cruise days. Pricing is inclusive of applicable taxes. Guests may also choose la carte laundry and pressing services in their cabins. Prices range from .60 cents per T-shirt to $7 USD per suite. No dry cleaning is available.

Beverage and laundry packages can be purchased on board. Are there other onboard services that you love? Tell us in the comments below!

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Both guests in a cabin must purchase beverage packages BOTH occupants of the stateroom HAVING to buy the packages is reasonable for fair. There are couples where one or the other does not drink and that should not require a non drinker to pay for this package.


I agree with the previous poster.  I have purchased a similar package on other lines and it is a great convenience.  However, it does not make sense to require both guests in a cabin to purchase the package and this will discourage me from doing so on my upcoming cruise.


I agree that it is not fair that both parties must buy the alcohol package.  We are considering a cruise with another couple and one spouse does not drink.  We have cruised on other lines and one spouse was allowed to purchase the package.  Certainly your bartenders and waiters could tell if someone was “cheating” by sharing a drink.

Really like the laundry package, but the drink packages are just too expensive. Hubby and I are fairly “avid” drinkers when on vacation, and our bar tab usually come in between $200-350.  With this package, it’d be nearly $870 (with tip).  Craziness.  We couldn’t drink enough to make it worth the expense. We’re currently booked on a 12-day Regent Seven Seas sailing (all inclusive: air/hotel/transfers/premium alcohols/soft drinks/gratuities/excursions), and even though the fare is twice that of 7-day Windstar sailing, because of the all-inclusiveness and the length of the cruise, the price per day is coming in at about half what we’d spend on… Read more »

Option 1 seems good value. Btw what happens to half finished bottles of wine?


With the introduction of the complimentary soft beverages starting in December, what will the next beverage package price be.


I cannot find anywhere online a menu and price list for cocktails and wines aboard the WindStar. Is one available to help make the decision whether to purchase the package?


Can you give me some idea of what your wines by the glass are?  I only drink wine and am a little picky about it.  I’d hate to buy the package and then not like the wines.

Brenda Audino

Please let me know if the wine package only includes the by the glass or does it also apply to wine bottles.  What about ultra premium wines, is there a discount taken for these higher priced bottles?

are there directions, busses, from the air port on Oslo. i.e. how do we get to the ship if we purchASED OUR AIR TICKETS SEPARATELY?


We are sailing on Wind Spirit for the first time on October 6th. Will you send me pictures of the staterooms. Also, is there a sundry shop on the boat for t-shirts, sun tan lotion, etc.? We are bringing one bag each but are traveling to other destinations after the cruise. How much closet space is available?


Quick question: What is Windstar’s house champagne?

Personally we love the new drink package – all of us cruising through the Panama Canal found it to be the only way to travel and not worry about costs – you knew what the bar bill was going to be day one. And all of us will again book this upon arrival in just a few months touring Portugal and Spain. I love this option, so thanks!

I noticed your wine and alcohol prices are from a year ago. Would you be able to share more recent prices? We are going on a cruise with you in March. Thanks.


Hello Windstar Team. We are booked to depart with Windstar from Venice on May 13, 2013. Our itinerary says 6:00pm. Is that what time we should plan to be at the dock? Or is that what time the boat leaves the dock, and we should plan on being there a few hours earlier. Also, where IS the dock in Venice? Thanks

N Moss

What are the types of drinks the package covers? Are specialty coffee drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos included normally, or is there an extra charge and they are covered in the drinks package?

What should I pack for evening dining? I don’t want to underdress….or overdress.


We will be taking the Venice-Rome cruise in May, and I am curious what traditionally the seas are like that time of year–are they rough or generally pretty calm?


What is the cost of a premium drink or the price for a beer.


How far is the Wind Surf departure dock from the airport in St. Maarten, and what should a cab cost to get there?


Is there a shuttle that get’s you from the airport to the boat (and from the boat to the airport) in St. Maarten?

Barb Esbaugh

Can you please post the updated Beverage Package. I am trying to book and it is saying it is $800 per person.

Jan Wagner

Please update me on the current beverage package prices. I am traveling alone. And is there a limit to the number of bottles of wine that can be brought onboard?


This is my first cruise!!!! Our cruise specialist told us that we are allowed to bring 2 bottles of wine onboard for each cabin. Is this correct and what size bottle is allowed? We will be boarding the Windstar in Barbados.

Countrygirl Tennessee

Hello! We will be cruising aboard Wind Surf in June and we too have been having extensive discussions about the drink package. I do drink a little bit where as my husband drinks quite a bit nightly. I think it might benefit us both to know what your wine list is like now? Could you please possibly list it like you did several years ago with the current whites and reds and their pricing? Thanks so much and we are really looking forward to sailing away with you!


This will be our first cruise on Windstar (March – Traditional Caribbean), and although many of our questions have already been answered by the agent or through the posts, I was curious about the dress ‘code’. Is it required for men to wear a jacket to dinner? I’ve seen photos wear guys are wearing jackets, and others where they’re not. Just want to make sure that I bring the requisite items. Thanks.


We are going on the Panama Canal / Costa Rica in March. Does WindStar provide towels that we can take off the ship to use on a beach? Or do we have to bring beach towels from home?


Do you have to buy the beverage package or can you just buy a glass at a time?


Cruising Wind Spirit in March. Do the cabins/heads have magnifying mirrors for ladies makeup or just regular mirrors?.


On Wind Spirit arriving in Bora Bora on March 21 for 2 days. Which day is the evening feast/show on the motu? We would like to visit the motu earlier that day and take our snorkel excursion on the non feast day.


As non-alcohol people we would like to understand the type and availability of the included non-alcoholic beverages. What is the availability of juices/orange/mango/pineapple/tomato? What is the selection in the room bar? Are they available at the deck bar or poolside? Are they also available as virgin cocktails at the bar/dining room?

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