Romantic Things to Do in Sicily in 24 hours

If you’re planning a romantic trip to Sicily with your significant other, you chose an ideal location. As the largest island of the Mediterranean, Sicily is overflowing with romance in the same way Mount Etna brims with lava. From breathtaking sunsets that cast a dreamy glow across the sea to surreal landscapes dotted with ancient ruins, simply being in Sicily is enough to ignite passion.

There’s plenty to do, taste and enjoy in Sicily to enhance your love-fueled journey. We’ll show you romantic things to do in Sicily to take your amore to new heights. Whenever you’re ready to go, romance awaits you in Sicily.

1. Cruise at Sunset

Watching the sunset at sea is pure magic. As the sun slowly drops into the horizon, you’ll see it set the sky ablaze with color above an endless reflective pool. Who better to share the experience with than the one you love? Add champagne and a gentle breeze, and you’ll have an unforgettable romantic experience.

You have many options when it comes to catching a Sicilian sunset while cruising the sea. For example, you might arrive in Sicily via cruise ship. You can also book a private boat tour at sunset to set sail from your destination. You might plan an entire day around a sunset cruise, building up to the grand finale.

You could spend the day exploring the Aegadian Islands by boat to slow down and savor each moment. The Aegadian Islands, or Isole Egadi, is a small group of islands that lie northwest of the Sicilian coast. The largest of the islands include Favignana, Marettimo and Levanzo. You’ll find the dramatic scenery you’re looking for in the Aegadian Islands, from electric blue waters to otherworldly rock formations jutting out from the sea — the perfect setting for a romantic sunset. Every island is unique in its own way, so here’s how you might enjoy each of the larger islands:

  • Favignana: You can sail from the city of Trapani to reach Favignana for a day of soaking up the sun on one of the sandy white beaches or taking a dip inside a hidden sea cave. Head back to town as the sun begins to slide towards the horizon.
  • Levanzo: Are you and your loved one photography enthusiasts? Consider sailing to Levanzo for shots of dramatic, rugged coastline or to sunbathe on uncrowded beaches. You’ll also find prehistoric artwork inside the Grotta dei Genovesi. End a perfect day by sailing a sea bathed in warm, falling sunlight.
  • Marettimo: If you wish to visit the most secluded island of Isole Egadi, consider cruising to Marettimo. Here you can take in the views of the coast as you wander tree-lined paths and savor the perfume of mint and chamomile. This slower-paced island is ideal for a quiet day exploring the abundant beauty of the Aegadian Islands and relaxing aboard a ship at sunset once the day comes to an end.

2. Hike at Sunrise

Watching the sunrise is just as romantic as watching it set. As the sun sets, it pulls the light down in the sky like a shade, and when it rises, it slowly warms the sky and everything below. Hiking at sunrise is a great way to set a romantic tone for the rest of the day and allows you to experience the early morning magic as you feel the sun’s glow wrap around you and your companion. If you can catch the sunrise above the stunning shapes of Sicily’s landscapes or the dazzling sea, you’ll have a special memory you can both cherish forever.

For the ultimate sunrise, consider hiking Mount Etna in the early morning hours. Mount Etna, which ascends above the town of Catania, is the tallest and most active volcano in Europe. Mount Etna is a magnet for hikers and anyone curious about volcanoes. As a volcano that frequently erupts and smokes, it has been a part of myths and tales throughout history.

You can create a romantic tale of your own and experience the enchantment of Mouth Etna at sunrise. Prepare to watch the sun slowly blanket the town below with golden light until it casts its rays upon the volcano and unique rock formations.

Sunrise is so stunning at Mount Etna that you can take a guided sunrise tour — or you can head there on your own if you wish. Several trails lead to the summit, though the main trail for the average hiker begins at Rifugio Sapienza, which is a parking area packed with amenities. After you park at Rifugio Sapienza, you can hike to a viewing spot by following one of the many well-trekked trails. No matter how you intend to explore Mount Etna at sunrise, plan to leave early in the morning, bring water and dress warmly.

3. Share Dinner on the Waterfront

Sicily is a food lover’s paradise. As an island with nutrient-rich soil and multiple cultural influences from surrounding regions, you’ll have access to the freshest seafood and produce and mouthwatering age-old recipes from iconic arancini to homemade cannolis. What could be more romantic than sharing an authentic Sicilian dinner with your date under the Mediterranean sky?

You’ll have no trouble finding somewhere to share conversation, a bottle of wine and some of the most delicious food you can imagine. Here are a few of the best restaurants to consider for exquisite meals, outstanding service and coastal views that could sweep anyone off their feet:

  • Ristorante Kentia al Trappitu: Ristorante Kentia al Trappitu is an elegant waterfront restaurant in the popular coastal town of Cefalu. Here you can sit on the terrace overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and enjoy artfully prepared seafood, pasta dishes and more. They also offer pizza, but seafood and astonishing views are their specialties.
  • Ristorante Hotel Signum: If you plan to visit the tranquil island of Salina, which is one of the Aeolian Islands and what many food gurus consider home to the best capers in the world, dine at Hotel Signum’s restaurant. Here you can share the flavors of the Mediterranean with your significant other as you enjoy stunning waterfront views and innovative, territory-inspired dishes by an award-winning chef.
  • Ristorante Vittorio: Ristorante Vittorio, located in the town of Menfi, is a relaxed, beachfront restaurant specializing in fresh, delicious seafood dishes from lobster to perfectly-grilled prawns. Enjoy your meal and your company with dazzling views of Mediterranean waves lapping the shore. Make sure to complement your meal with a glass or two of Sicilian wine.
  • La Capinera: La Capinera is a Michelin-starred restaurant located in the ancient town of Taormina. Come here to hold hands as you gaze at the Ionian Sea and wait for one of Sicily’s most renowned chefs to prepare your dish. Start your meal with seafood-centric antipasti and enjoy main courses such as the fish of the day with caramelized vegetables. Save room for a decadent dessert like hazelnut parfait or pears with ice cream.
  • Al Saraceno: Located above Taormina at the base of a medieval castle, Al Saraceno is the place to go for jaw-dropping views of the sea and Mount Etna. Enjoy high-quality meat or seafood dishes or pizza baked in a firewood oven.

4. Visit a Winery

Wine is romance in liquid form, and many consider it a powerful aphrodisiac. It fills the drinker with warmth similar to feelings of love, pairs deliciously with many types of food and, most importantly, provides a reason to slow down and spend time with the one you love. Overall, wine encourages conversation, closeness and enjoyment of life.

Sicily is the perfect place for those who want to celebrate love and wine. Sicily produces wine for every taste from complex red wines to bright white wines. When you pair a glass of fine wine with the freshest seafood you ever tasted, you may fall head over heels in love with Sicily itself. No matter where you are on this magical island, you won’t be too far from excellent wine. Here are some wineries to visit to enjoy a relaxing and romantic day with your loved one:

  • Donnafugata wineries: The Donnafugata wineries were built by a family with a passion for Sicilian wine and innovative styles. Donnafugata welcomes visitors to tour and taste at any of their wineries with locations in Marsala, Pantelleria and Etna. Select a winery at one of their gorgeous locations for a complete sensory experience or plan to attend one of their tasting events.
  • Planeta wineries: Planeta has multiple wineries across Sicily with wine tour locations in Menfi, Noto and Etna. Planeta is proud to welcome guests with hospitality, cooking, nature and their wines and oils. Menfi is where the business began and where they’ve hosted guests for the past 20 years. At Menfi, guests can taste wine with a traditional lunch and explore the surrounding woods or the ancient Phoenician wine press. Regardless of the winery you choose to visit, the Planeta family aims to provide a complete experience revolving around wine, nature and food — an ideal way to enjoy your loved one’s company.
  • Gambino vineyards: The Gambino family is pleased to invite you to their vineyards near Mount Etna for wine, breathtaking views and Sicilian snacks. The Gambino family combines tradition with new technology to create flavorful, aromatic wines. You can reserve a full wine tasting experience at the vineyard to enjoy food like Gambino-made olive oil and Sicilian cheeses with glasses of their vintage wines.
  • The Pupillo Farm: The Pupillo Farm, located in Syracuse, is the site of a medieval castle and fertile soil, which is used to produce wine, olive oil and various fruits and vegetables. The Pupillo family has worked to bring back the taste of Moscato di Siracusa, an ancient wine which had nearly disappeared. Visit the farm to sample wine and tour historical buildings, a botanical garden and the 18th-century winery. You’ll also get to try scrumptious traditional Sicilian foods such as fresh seasoned cheese, bread stuffed with vegetables and almond biscuits. If you head there for lunch, you’ll be served snacks as well as pasta and meat for a complete traditional meal. For a unique and historic experience you and your significant other can talk about for years, head to the Pupillo Farm.

5. Stroll the Town Together

Sometimes, romance lies in the most unexpected places. While in Sicily, you never know when you’ll stumble upon the perfect spot to steal a kiss or share your dreams. You may not even need to seek a distant romantic location. Instead, take your loved one by the hand and explore the Sicilian town you’re in. Wander through the cobblestone streets together in Taormina and find a cafe where you can enjoy an espresso or a sweet dessert like the pistachio-coated “Taormina kiss.” Rest atop a hill and soak in the views of the sea or the snow-capped peak of Mount Etna. Escape the crowds and stroll the public gardens or head down to relax on the pebble beach of Isola Bella. As you discover Sicily as a pair, you’ll reawaken your senses and romance.

Windstar Makes Sicily a Reality

Sicily will make a lasting impression on you and your loved one that will forever remind you of the time you spent together beneath the Mediterranean sun. With food taken from the sea and served on the same day, wine made in the shadow of Mount Etna and friendly, passionate people to welcome you, there are plenty of reasons to remember Sicily. If you cannot get swept away in Sicily, you may just need to stay there a little longer.

Although Sicily looks, feels and tastes like a dream, Windstar Cruises is ready to make your visit there a reality. At Windstar Cruises, we leave cliches behind and take our guests to breathtaking destinations from uncrowded ports to must-see cities for an experience truly worth sharing. To learn more about our unforgettable and utterly romantic Italian cruises, contact a Windstar Vacation Planner today!

If you’re ready to experience the beauty of Sicily in person, contact one of our vacation planners today!

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