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Destination Discovery Event: Agrigento: Beauty Among the Ruins

Sicily Cruise Private Event RuinsIf you haven’t had the opportunity to experience one of Windstar Cruises’ Destination Discovery Events, add it to your bucket list today! For those of you who are unfamiliar, we’ll fill you in. Alongside all of our itineraries, guests are treated to a complimentary and exclusive onshore event, specifically designed to give an in-depth and authentic local experience that compliments the voyage.

While we’re particularly excited to introduce our 2016 line-up, it brings back fond memories of some of our recent favorites. There are so many unique Destination Discovery Events happening around the world each week, but there is one in particular that left a lasting impression –  “Beauty Among the Ruins” in Agrigento aboard our Sicilian Splendors itinerary.

Guests are escorted by private coach to the legendary Valley of the Temples where they’ll feel as though they’ve stepped into an Italian painting. Surrounded by architectural treasures, the expert guide introduces them to the marvels of one of the most important archaeological sites in the world, where impressive edifices from 510 to 430 B.C. evoke a haunting and romantic history. Italy Cruise Private EventAs a special treat, guests are invited to listen to a private lecture by a noted archaeologist, who will bring these stunning sites alive.

This long day of exploring sure works up an appetite! An incredible lunch is served on the grounds of the 5-star Hotel Villa Athena — prepared exclusively for Windstar guests. It doesn’t get better than kicking back and enjoying a private meal with Saracen olive trees and centuries-old palms lingering above. Talk about a magical day …. let’s go back! For a more in-depth look into this Destination Discovery Event, check out our Sicilian Splendors cruise itinerary.

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