Cruise Myths

For many, a cruise is a dream vacation. But others may have some reservations. When potential cruisers buy into the various circulating myths about cruises and decide against taking a cruise ship to their dream destination, they miss out on the experience of a lifetime. Cruises allow you to visit parts of the world you may not have been able to otherwise. You can enjoy the scenery from an elegant ship while someone else handles the travel, the itinerary, the cooking and the cleaning. Who could say no to that?

Myths perpetuated by family and friends may leave you hesitating, but you won’t want to wait for another second after we debunk those myths for you.

Top Cruise Myths Debunked

Don’t let the myths about the cruise industry deter you from an exciting voyage or a romantic getaway. We’re here to dispell the myths you’ve heard about cruises so you can again be excited about the prospect of cruising and book the adventure you’ve been waiting for.

1. Cruises Are Unsafe

Many people wonder, “Are cruises safe?” Yes — cruise ships are one of the safest modes of transportation. Staff and crew are highly trained, and the ships themselves are built with top of the line safety equipment. A medical facility onboard will also ensure you stay safe and healthy. Cruise ships operate under safety regulations set by the U.S. and other countries, and cruise lines work hard to ensure a safe environment for all guests and crew members.

  • All crew members receive regular, comprehensive training for safety and emergencies to meet standards and requirements. The crew has clear responsibilities and duties so they can navigate any emergency.
  • Ships operate according to strict requirements and designed for the safety of all even during adverse conditions.
  • Ships are built with superior navigation technology, and crews train to become experts in the use of the technology.
  • The U.S. Coast Guard inspects ships every few months. Other organizations may also conduct a yearly inspection of ships to make sure all are operating according to safety standards.
  • Captains generally have many years of experience.
  • Many cruise lines begin voyages with a lifeboat drill so guests know what they should do in an emergency.
  • Lifeboats themselves are also tested regularly and stocked with survival kit supplies, such as food, water, communication devices, signaling devices and first aid kits. Lifeboat occupancy outnumbers the maximum capacity of passengers on the ship.

Cruise lines take the safety and security of their passengers and crew members very seriously, so if you’re considering a voyage with Windstar, don’t let the myth that cruises are unsafe stop you from enjoying your next cruise adventure!

2. I’ll Get Seasick

Though seasickness may be possible on a cruise, being stricken to your bed for your entire trip isn’t very likely. While sailing, you probably won’t even realize that the ship is actually moving. Most ships today are built with stabilizers, so the odds of intense levels of seasickness are pretty slim. The ocean is big, though, and the waves can be, too, so if you want to err on the side of caution, bring your favorite remedy for motion sickness as a backup. Booking a cabin in the middle of the ship is also a great way to prevent seasickness, as there is less motion in this part of the ship.

Other possible remedies include:

  • Prescription patches that stick behind your ear
  • Acupressure bracelets
  • Ginger products, such as ginger ale or ginger candy
  • Mint
  • Green apples

Seasickness may worry some would-be cruisers, but put your worries to rest because seasickness on cruise ships is minimal and treatable, if it even afflicts you at all. For many, seasickness onboard is very uncommon, so don’t let an unlikely what-if prevent you from booking your cruise.

List of remedies for seasickness

3. Cruises Are Overcrowded

While overcrowding may have been a problem for ships in the past designed with poor layouts that made crowding an issue in areas where many people congregate, the ships of today are designed for efficient traffic flow. With Windstar’s smaller ships, we have far fewer passengers than large cruise ships, so congestion is not a concern. Ships are built with plenty of deck space, restaurants, bars and venues to accommodate the maximum number of passengers easily.

At Windstar, our boutique ships carry only a few hundred people, ranging from 148 to 310 guests, so you’ll never worry for a second about overcrowding. You can choose to travel on any of our six ships:

  1. Wind Surf: 310 guests can sail with this ship that includes 154 staterooms. This ship offers 122 deluxe ocean-view staterooms, 31 ocean-view suites and two bridge suites.
  2. Wind Spirit: 148 guests sail on this ship in 74 staterooms, including a deluxe Owner’s Suite and 73 deluxe, ocean-view rooms.
  3. Wind Star: 148 guests are welcome to sail with this ship in 74 staterooms, including a deluxe Owner’s Suite and 73 deluxe, ocean-view rooms.
  4. Star Pride: 212 guests can sail with this ship that includes 106 suites, including 100 balcony and ocean-view suites, four Classic Suites and two deluxe Owner’s Suites.
  5. Star Breeze: 212 guests sail on this ship in 106 suites, including 100 balcony and ocean-view suites, four Classic Suites and two deluxe Owner’s Suites.
  6. Star Legend: 212 guests are welcome to sail with this ship in 106 suites, including 100 balcony and ocean-view suites, four Classic Suites and two deluxe Owner’s Suites.

If you’re looking for an elegant vacation away from the crowds, a cruise on a Windstar ship is the perfect travel method for you!

4. I’ll Be Bored the Whole Time

The myth that cruises are boring may have originated from the misconception that cruises offer little more than spa treatments and shopping, but the truth is that spas and shops are only a small fraction of what cruises have. Cruises have plenty of fun activities for everyone. Many ships provide activities like water slides, movies, plays, video games, wine tastings, swimming, surfing, rock climbing, skating, bowling, dancing, karaoke and lots more.

Person sliding down water slide

With Windstar, you can swim, kayak, water ski, sunbathe, work out at the Fitness Center, try out the whirlpool and enjoy live music. Take a cooking class or wellness seminar, hop on a paddleboard during your visit to a new port or relax poolside with a book. After a cruise with Windstar, you won’t remember what being bored feels like.

Find a cruise with an itinerary that interests you, and if you’re still unsure, look for a cruise that will only be sailing for a few days so you can see what it’s like before committing to a longer stay on the water. But don’t let this misconception about cruises stand in your way of an exciting, fun adventure!

5. My Cabin Will Be Cramped

Similar to travelers worrying about cruises being overcrowded, they believe the myth that their cabin will be cramped. But with a cruise line like Windstar that operates smaller ships and opts for spacious rooms, you won’t have to worry about feeling confined.

Here are a few tips for selecting a roomy cabin that will give you the cruise experience you’re looking for:

  • Midship and suites with aft-facing balconies are typically the first to be reserved, so if you want to stay here, you’ll need to book your room a minimum of nine months in advance.
  • If you plan on spending most of your onboard days in the pool, avoid a room that is far from the pool or requires a trip up multiple elevators or flights of stairs. Walking far, especially back and forth, in a wet swimsuit won’t be much fun.
  • Opt for a cabin with an ocean view in the middle of the ship if you’re prone to seasickness.
  • Check the layout of the ship to avoid rooms that are too close to high-traffic areas, such as restaurants, entertainment venues and noisy elevators. If your budget allows for it, opt for a room with a balcony, as you’ll want some private outdoor space.

With small ships and a limited number of passengers, it’s easy for us at Windstar to make sure rooms are spacious and won’t leave guests feeling confined. Our rooms come with Egyptian linens, marble bathrooms, leather headboards, soft lighting and plenty of room for storage. When you sail with Windstar, you’ll discover for yourself that the myth of cramped cruise cabins doesn’t hold true.

6. I Won’t Have a Cultural Experience

Even if your itinerary doesn’t allow for more than a few hours at each port stop, you can still have a rewarding, fulfilling cultural experience at each of your destinations. Maybe you can follow the chefs on the ship to the markets to search for local ingredients that you can cook when you return to the ship. Many ports provide ways to immerse yourself in the local culture, such as through events, festivals and special venues.

Because Windstar sails with smaller ships, we can provide an up-close experience that many larger cruise ships cannot. With Windstar, you don’t just travel to your destinations –– you travel into your destinations. We offer events and excursions to give you the cultural experience you want:

  • Guest lecturers: When you listen to one of our guest lecturers, you’ll learn about rowing through the Atlantic and the Monte Carlo Grand Prix’s inner workings. Our onboard lecturers will give you an insider perspective on the local culture to make your exploration even more immersive.
  • Windstar Signature Expeditions: Through this program, you’ll find half a dozen guides who give informative talks during the voyage and take guests on adventures to places like Alaska’s Misty Fjords and Kenai Fjords. You won’t want to miss out on this exciting, immersive experience.
  • Culinary demonstrations: Windstar chefs allow your to enchant your tastebuds with the local cuisine. For an extra fun bonus, take a trip on one of Windstar’s ships in the James Beard Foundation Culinary Cruise Collection, where you can learn how to improve your culinary prowess.
  • Shore excursions: Enjoy one of the many excursions Windstar offers, such as scuba diving, tours with locals, wine tastings and plenty more.
  • 180 Degrees onboard magazine: Our onboard magazine will introduce you to many popular destinations, providing helpful notes for your itinerary and creating an even more immersive experience for any passenger who reads it online or onboard.

Cruises absolutely provide a cultural experience for passengers. Book a cruise with Windstar today and disprove the myth for yourself.

7. We’ll Be in Overcrowded Destinations

No need to worry about overrun beaches and clogged port towns. Windstar’s smaller ships can take you where few other cruise lines can, and you can explore more remote destinations. Many destinations lack any road accessibility, making a connection by air or sea the only means of visiting these locations. In these destinations, you’re more likely to encounter wildlife than other people. If that sounds like a dream vacation to you, a cruise may be the perfect trip for you. 

Book your trip with Windstar to visit the destinations of your dreams.

8. I Can’t Go by Myself

Cruises can be one of the best solo vacations. Some cruises offer lounges and activities dedicated to passengers traveling alone. Cruising is a great way to meet new people if you’re looking to make some more friends. From activities to gatherings to dining, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to socialize and make new connections.

Our cruises at Windstar are perfect for solo travelers. You won’t have to worry about safety, as you’ll be in the company of the crew and other travelers, so there will always be someone nearby if you need help or company.

You’ll also finally get that alone time you’ve been craving. Operate on your own schedule, and do what you want. Sleep in, eat when you want, attend that class or seminar or read that book that’s been sitting on your shelf for a year. A solo trip on a cruise is the perfect place to take the time to appreciate and pamper yourself while rediscovering what brings you joy.

At Windstar, we want you to enjoy your vacation and time off from your typical, daily responsibilities and routine. If you’re looking for a solo trip, take a cruise with Windstar.

9. The Food Won’t Be Great

Many cruises now offer cuisine inspired by the regions the ship travels to, such as halibut and salmon. You can taste exotic fruit, unusual spices and hot peppers or tour local wineries. Windstar chefs incorporate ingredients from local markets into their dishes so that food is seasonal and creates an immersive experience for passengers.

Explore our onboard dining venues and our culinary shore excursions for your dining and cooking experience. The food is an important aspect of any trip, so we work hard to ensure you get fresh, delicious food every day during your journey with us.

Book Your Cruise With Windstar

Don’t let misconceptions about cruises keep you from leaving shore and enjoying the voyage of a lifetime. Cruises are safe, fun cultural experiences where you can enjoy a delicious meal every day, unwind in your spacious cabin and relax alone or with a companion. Regardless of whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, you can find the vacation of your dreams on a Windstar cruise.

Let’s disprove all those myths you’ve heard about cruises. Browse through Windstar’s cruise options and start planning your trip today.

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