15 Best Beaches in Mykonos

15 Best Beaches in Mykonos

15 Best Beaches in Mykonos

Greece is a beautiful country filled with rich history, culture and natural beauty. As you’re planning a vacation to explore all that Greece offers, make sure you add the island of Mykonos to your list of places to visit. This territory boasts some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, and most of them are within walking distance from one another.

Whether you enjoy lounging along the shore or engaging in thrilling water sports, these sites offer plenty of activities to help you relax or keep you busy. Learn more about the 15 best beaches in Mykonos to plan your cruise itinerary.

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1. Platis Gialos Beach

Platis Gialos Beach is a wide, lively area featuring many restaurants serving food and drinks all day long. With direct buses to Mykonos Town, this beach is popular for tourists and has an on-site mini-market and tourist shop. Stick your feet in the crystal-clear water as you walk to Super Paradise and other beaches nearby after disembarking from the cruise ship.

Even though Platis Gialos isn’t a party beach, it has a lively environment that people of all ages will enjoy. Take a swim in the safe, shallow water or engage in some watersports. There are also loungers and parasols available for rent.

2. Ornos Beach

Ornos Beach is a beautiful beach surrounded by tavernas and awe-inspiring sites. Even though it attracts young families, it’s also a hot spot for couples and young people. There are plenty of places to grab a bite or a drink, and it features all the amenities you’d typically find at an all-inclusive resort.

This beach near Mykonos Town tends to get busy during the summer months, so plan your trip accordingly. Besides lounging in the sand or going swimming, you can try many other water activities, from diving to windsurfing.

3. Psarou Beach

Some of the beaches, like Psarou Beach, can have a pretty exciting party scene. This hotspot is famous for its beach parties and activities. Whether you like shopping, eating delicious food, engaging in fun watersports or sticking your feet in the sand, you’ll find plenty to do here. It has the reputation of being the trendiest beach on Mykonos because the rich and famous typically prefer this beach. You may even run into a celebrity when you visit.

Since it has such an exclusive reputation, you can expect all the amenities to be a bit more expensive. Psarou Beach is within walking distance from Platis Gialos Beach, Paradise Beach and Paraga Beach. Go for a swim or bask in the natural beauty of the scenery around you. Even though it can get crowded over the summer, it’s a fun place to make new friends and unwind. You may even want to include this spot on your honeymoon cruise.

Psarou Beach

4. Paraga Beach

Paraga Beach has a lively beach party scene during the day but is quiet and laid back at night. This busy yet beautiful place to visit in Mykonos has many places to eat and drink. As an alternative to the nearby popular Paradise Beach, it’s an excellent choice if you want to participate in the beach club scene. Paraga Beach is within walking distance of Psarou, Paradise and Platis Gialos beaches. Naturists tend to favor the right side of the beach, which features a more secluded area.

Some partygoers prefer this small, intimate beach to other larger ones on the island, such as Paradise Beach. The shallow waters are perfect for swimming and lounging, and you can rent a sunbed and soak up the Mediterranean sun. Take a trip to the shop for snacks and drinks or find some supplies if you need more sunscreen. The bar nearby has blaring music that keeps the party going all night long.

5. Elia Beach

Elia Beach is a remote, quiet beach, and it’s also the longest and largest beach in Mykonos. The turquoise water attracts all kinds of people, including those who walk there from Agrari Beach. Over the summer, it tends to be more crowded with sunbeds and umbrellas, but there’s also a designated area where you can lay directly on the sand.

Even though it can get busy, Elia Beach is also pretty laid back, and it has all the amenities you’d find at the other beaches in the local area. Besides indulging in a nice meal and drink at the bar and restaurant nearby, you can also go windsurfing, ride jet-skis or go parasailing.

6. Paradise Beach

Mykonos Paradise Beach is the prime party scene for young people, and it’s where you’ll find many bars that line the sand all the way to the shore. After partying all day, the nightlife is even wilder, attracting large crowds of 20-somethings from all over the world. There’s always something happening at Paradise Beach, but the party really kicks up in the early afternoon. Partygoers let loose and dance the night away at this beach. There are plenty of places to eat, drink or go shopping for beach essentials, and there’s a bus that can take you to Mykonos Town.

Besides partying and shopping, you can also take a little break from the party scene by sunbathing or lounging in the water. As with the other beaches in Mykonos, Paradise Beach gets more popular over the summer. This site is within walking distance from Paraga, Platis Gialos and Psarou.

7. Super Paradise Beach

This beach is relatively small compared to the other beaches in Mykonos, but there is plenty to do here, including lounging at one of the beach bars. Catch a bus into Mykonos Town every couple of hours to explore a little more than the beach has to offer. You could also take a small boat to Platis Gialos and Paradise Beach.

Even though it tends to get loud and crowded in the afternoon, the stunning views and crystal-clear water lapping against the pristine sands make up for it. This party beach is relatively quiet and serene, and the calm waters are inviting for couples looking for a romantic getaway. There are plenty of umbrellas and sunbeds for rent, allowing you to lounge on the beach and take a break from the excitement at the bar.

While Paradise Beach attracts a diverse crowd from young families to local students, Super Paradise Beach is for those who really want to party. The fun begins around the mid-afternoon when the music starts pumping.

8. Agios Ioannis Beach

Agios Ioannis Beach is a quiet, narrow beach that boasts breathtaking scenery. There are two on-site tavernas, and you can get a direct bus into the town of Mykonos during the high season. If you’re looking for a break from the crowds, Agios Ioannis Beach is the place for you to visit. Even though it can get a little crowded in the summer, it’s not as busy as the other beaches in the area. It’s also very peaceful and secluded during off-season periods.

This area features shallow, clear waters that are perfect for snorkeling and swimming. Umbrellas and sunbeds are available for rent if you want to lounge on the sand and listen to the waves. Couples and small groups enjoy this destination, especially for watching the sunset.

Agios Ioannis Beach

9. Megali Ammos Beach

Megali Ammos Beach is the only beach that’s within walking distance from Mykonos Town. Even though the beach can get windy at times, it has nice sand and excellent swimming opportunities.

While you’re visiting, check out Joanna’s Nikos Taverna on the beach. Megali Ammos Beach is ideal for people staying at nearby hotels, but you can also enjoy it if you’re cruising by and want a front-row seat to the island’s iconic windmills. When the wind is just right, the beach is perfect for windsurfing, and the coral reef has an abundance of brightly colored fish and is perfect for snorkeling.

10. Lia Beach

Lia Beach’s beautiful scenery and crystal-clear waters provide the perfect backdrop for swimming and snorkeling. This beach is the farthest away from the center of Mykonos Town, but if you visit in the morning, you might have the beach to yourself.

Visit the trendy beach club restaurant for access to sunbeds and relaxing music to help you unwind as you soak up the sun. Lia Beach is a nice little break from the hardcore party scenes you’d find at Paradise Beach or Super Paradise Beach. Catch the sunset before you make your way back to the ship.

11. Agrari Beach

The secluded and quiet Agrari Beach is an excellent place to visit if you want a break from the crowds while enjoying the natural beauty around you. Even though it tends to be less busy here, you can engage in watersports and other activities in the beach’s shallow water. There are also loungers and umbrellas on-site for soaking up the sun on the sand.

If you want to access this beach from the town of Mykonos, you’d need to take a bus to Elia, which is right next to it, and walk 15 minutes or take a water taxi from one of the other beaches on the route. There’s one restaurant at this beach where you can buy a delicious meal and appreciate the gorgeous scenery. This picturesque beach features a traditional white chapel, and its calm waters are perfect for swimming.

12. Fokos Beach

Fokos Beach is another quiet, secluded beach in Mykonos where you can unwind after partying all day. There may not be any tourist facilities on-site, but there’s a delightful taverna slightly off the beach that’s well worth the trip. It’s pretty close to the island’s central town, yet it’s still considered an undiscovered beach.

Even though it can be windy, Fokos Beach is a peaceful spot to sit back and relax. Keep in mind that the sea can be choppy in this area, so it’s best to stay on the shore and admire the natural beauty around you. Naturists enjoy exploring and taking in the colors and textures of the sand, water and wildlife, as well as the picturesque sunset.

13. Kalo Livadi Beach

Kalo Livadi Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island, especially since it has an Ibiza-inspired beach club. The party scene kicks up at night, but it tends to be more low-key during the day. It’s located between Elia Beach and Kalafatis Beach, and it boasts a calm environment with plenty of amenities, including loungers and umbrellas.

Even with a beach club on-site, it still doesn’t have a party beach aesthetic, yet it’s a fun place for a cosmopolitan crowd from all ages and backgrounds who want to take a relaxing dip in the shallow, calm water. There are also several bars and restaurants along the shoreline that each provide different types of food and drinks from all over the world. Consider going kayaking or paddling or playing beach volleyball with a group of other visitors during your stay at the beach.

14. Kalafatis Beach

Kalafatis Beach is rich in culture and natural beauty. It’s popular among young families and windsurfers because of its calm, safe waters. If you enjoy watersports, you should add this beach to your list of places to visit on your cruise through the Greek Isles. Since it’s near a tiny fishing village, it feels less like a tourist beach and more like a local treasure for you to explore. This site only has a few bars and restaurants, so it’s not as developed as other beaches in the area.

Even though it’s not a party beach, it has watersports and other amenities to enjoy during your stay. Go diving, water skiing, snorkeling, jet skiing or stand-up paddleboarding. There are always lifeguards on duty to make sure the waters are safe. Kalafatis Beach is also an excellent place for surfing, but the waves can be a little too high for swimming. As with the other beaches in Mykonos, you can also lounge in the sand under an umbrella.

Kalafatis Beach

15. Kapari Beach

Kapari Beach is a small, secluded area located at the bottom of a cliff. Even though it used to be one of Mykonos’ best-kept secrets, it’s now a popular tourist area in July and August. If you happen to take a cruise at any other time of the year, this beach provides a relaxing atmosphere as you refresh yourself in the clear waters. The rocks are also comfortable for sunbathing if you can’t find any space to sit on the sand.

Since there aren’t any on-site bars or restaurants, you’ll need to bring your own food and water. Even though there’s not much to do here but relax, you’ll want to stay for the whole day, especially so you can see the sunset. As part of the beautiful scenery in the area, you also get a glimpse of the historic island of Delos. 

Visit Mykonos Beaches on a Windstar Cruise

Mykonos is a beautiful island in Greece, with many beaches that feature stunning views, watersports activities and exciting nightlife. Whatever you want to do during your cruise in Greece, you can find what you’re looking for among these beaches. Find a cruise on our site to help check off all your desired locations on one thrilling vacation.

Our small, intimate ships can access port cities that larger cruise lines can’t reach, so you can get a one-of-a-kind VIP experience as you explore beaches off the beaten path. When you’re ready to book your next adventure through the Mediterranean, reach out to us to speak with our travel advisors.

Visit Mykonos Beaches on a Windstar Cruise

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