Caribbean Cruise

A Tale of Two Cruises: Sail the Caribbean on a Windstar Power Yacht or Sailing Ship

Windstar Cruises offers the ultimate Caribbean cruise experience for sophisticated travelers. Each of the six yachts of Windstar carries just a few hundred guests to exotic locales around the world in beautifully-appointed accommodations. Throughout the beautiful Caribbean isles, trendy Costa Rica, historic Panama, chic French Polynesia, and beyond, the small ship experience offers savvy sojourners a closer look at the hidden harbors, exclusive island retreats, adventurous water sports, and tropical excursions ashore. Included in every Windstar cruise is a Private Event shore-side, in the tropics the events involve an island-takeover with a feast of locally-inspired cuisine and libations on private beaches rivaling the best in the world.

Vacationers seeking a truly unique get-away without the hassles of island-hopping by plane or having to personally pilot a chartered yacht should sail with Windstar and enjoy all the benefits. When sailing on your own private Windstar yacht you have at your disposal a full contingent of staff at the ready from the Captain welcoming you to the Open Bridge to the Executive Chef planning your every meal to perfection. A Windstar yacht cruise is pure luxury in the making with attentive service staff who know guests by name and preferences the first day you are aboard and create a personalized holiday just for you, unlike any that can be had on large cruise vessels or at crowded land resorts.

Windstar yachting is all about choice. In the Caribbean, guests can choose to board our mega-sailing yacht Wind Surf, the largest sailing vessel in the world, or her smaller, elegant sister Wind Star, with sails that unfurl upon departure from exotic ports of call such as Bequia, Barbados, and St. Bart’s. Or, cruisers may opt to vacation in ultra-indulgent fashion aboard one of three ultra-sleek power yachts including Star Legend, Star Breeze, and Star Pride boasting roomy, all-suite accommodations featuring fine touches such as plush bedding, marble baths and walk-in closets — a stylishly tempting alternative.

Luxury Cruising

Recently world travel experts from the popular online travel publication Bon Voyageurs sailed aboard the 310-guest Wind Surf, while seasoned Windstar Yacht Club members Donna and Michael Watson experienced the joys of the power yacht Star Legend – both plying the cerulean Caribbean waters. Read on to learn more and compare the similarities and differences each of these unique cruises offers.

A Bon Vivant Passage of the CaribbeanCaribbean Cruise

Looking for that perfect getaway to de-stress, relax and revitalize? And would you like to be pampered like royalty and sleep like a baby on your trip? Are you intrigued by the fast growing world of luxury yacht cruising?
Then I have the perfect recommendation … take an intimate Windstar cruise where the ratio of staff to passengers is close to 1:1 and where the majority of your fellow passengers are loyal repeat customers. We did just that recently, taking a one week Caribbean cruise called “Yachtsman’s Caribbean”, on the impressive Wind Surf sailing cruise ship. We cruised from St. Maarten to Antigua, through the British Virgin Islands to St Bart’s and then back to St. Maarten.

Caribbean CruiseInterestingly, everybody I spoke to on that glorious Caribbean cruise told me that Windstar Cruises was their “favorite” cruise line. Why their “favorite”? … Many reported how warm, welcoming and eager to please the staff was, most of whom know the passengers’ names by the second day of the cruise. In fact, you could say that the staff of Windstar Cruises strive to make service a true art. Passengers also raved that, thanks to the small number of passengers (310 or less), there are virtually no lines on a Windstar cruise, and the amenities are easily accessible — from the specialty restaurants and the tenders to the fun-in-the-sun equipment of the Marina at the ship’s well-equipped Watersports Platform. Plus, thanks to the small size of Windstar yachts, they cruise into ports where larger ships cannot…

To read more from Bon Voaygeurs Denis and Lynn Gagnon visit yachtsman’s caribbean cruise itinerary.

Back to the Caribbean … Without the Sails

This year we tried something new. Having sailed in the Caribbean for many years on Wind Surf and Wind Spirit, we have just returned from a week aboard Star Legend, one of the three new motor yachts. She is newly refinished and beautiful. The rooms, (I should say suites) since it is an all suite ship, have large sitting areas, walk in closets and marble baths. Very luxurious.Caribbean Cruise

Our merry group of 10 enjoyed many of the same special events, like the deck barbeque, the special beach party and luncheon event at Prickly Pear Beach in Virgin Gorda, and the fabulous dinners, both in the AmphorA dining room and Candles outdoor dining.

Isla Culebra was our first stop, and of course we had to visit and swim at the “third most beautiful beach in the world” Playa Flamenco … beautiful!

One new destination that was very interesting was our excursion to the island of Montserrat. The capitol of the island, Plymouth was buried by a volcanic eruption in 1995, and we were fortunate that our ship was one of the first to visit the island since that event. We saw the remains of hotels and buildings, and met some of the lovely people who still live there. They are trying to rebuild their island … no easy feat, but heartwarming.

Caribbean CruiseSomething else that we really enjoyed was the sailaway on Star Legend. As the music plays, the Windstar flag is hoisted by two of the officers in dress whites.

The sails may be missing from Star Legend, but everything that we love about Wind Star is there; the quality of the food, the fabulous service, and the camaraderie of the staff and crew.  The people on Wind Star are the reason we return again and again … their smiles and friendly personalities, the way they remember your name and the way they make you feel at home! When they say “welcome back”, they really mean it.  And we are always happy to be back.

~ Cruise Journal courtesy of Windstar Yacht Club Members Donna and Michael Watson sailed San Juan and The Virgin Islands aboard Star Legend in February and are currently experiencing Windstar withdrawal but plan to be back aboard soon!

To learn more about Star Legend cruises and Windstar’s new power yachts visit our cruise ship overview page.

If you’d like to contribute a Cruise Journal to the “Our Stories” Windstar Blog, please email [email protected] We’d love to hear your Windstar story!

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