A Look Behind The Transformation: Star Pride’s Provisions



Guest Service Manager Kristy provides an inside look at the transformation of Windstar’s newest yacht, Star Pride. Windstar took delivery of Star Pride on April 17th. The power yacht is undergoing a three-week transformation in Barcelona, Spain, leading up to her maiden voyage on May 5th.

Working together as a team is essential at Windstar Cruises, and our team of provision experts have been working around the clock to coordinate the orders, delivery, and loading of all new equipment, furnishing, and food and beverages to Windstar’s newest yacht, Star Pride.

Torrence, Purchasing Manager of Hotel & Technical Marine, and Fernando, Purchasing/Logistic Agent, from our corporate office in Seattle have been working to prepare Star Pride for her inaugural voyage  since January. We caught up with Torrence and Fernando in Barcelona to touch base on the progress of Star Pride’s transformation.

Torrence & Fernando
Torrence, Purchasing Manager of Hotel & Technical Marine, and Fernando, Purchasing/Logistic Agent, receiving a shipment on board Star Pride in Barcelona.

Star Pride Transformation Q & A with the Provisions Team

Q: What new items on Star Pride are you responsible for?  

A:  Torrence: “Everything from Striploin to toilet paper, from name tags to parachute flares we purchase, organize, and logistically deliver 85 to 90 percent of the products on board.”

Torrence & Bambang
Preparing to load a shipment onto Star Pride

Q: What have you enjoyed most about this experience?

A: Fernando: “Learning the Windstar yacht operation and challenges, meeting new people, and the amazing crew that runs the daily operation.”

Fernando on Deck 7 of Star Pride

A: Torrence: “Barcelona and its Sangria!”

Onboard Star Pride, Bambang, Controller, and Arifin, Hotel Storekeeper, work with all departments to load, store, distribute, and manage the on board provisions, such as food and beverages.

Storekeeper & Controller
Arifin, Hotel Storekeeper, and Bambang, Controller, stock Star Pride’s wine locker

During the Star Pride’s transformation, heavy loading takes place on a daily basis. On a standard voyages, heavy loading takes place once a week.

Some interesting statistics about Star Pride’s on board provisions:

  • 1548 LBS of whole chickens has been received
  • 104 5-Liter Drums of Canola Oil
  • 400 trays of Fresh Eggs
Arifin & Controller Bambang
Arifin and Bambang in Star Pride’s wine locker

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Donna Watson

Looking forward to meeting everyone as we embark in Rome on May 11th. Will some of our crew friends from the Surf be on board ?

Kathy hommel

What should passengers wear on windstar if going rome y
To rome may 11 and then takin Bach to back trips to mom
Nor Carlo
Long pants?dresses?