Behind The Scenes of Windstar Cruises’ 2019-2020 Voyage Collection

Producing the Windstar Voyage Collection brochure (affectionately known as the “Atlas” internally) is no joke. It takes months and months of planning and execution, so all the details are just right. Not to mention that it has to look inviting and have fresh content. We spoke with the team to get an idea of what the production process is like. Windstar’s 2019-2020 Voyage Collection is dropping soon, and we wanted to share some behind-the-scenes insight.


The 2019-2020 Atlas took several months to produce. The team was excited to work on this version because it has an updated design, new destinations (Windstar Cruises will now be traveling to the U.S. West Coast, Mexico, Central America and more destinations in the South Pacific!), and more pages than ever before.Cruise_Mexico_small_ship

Production for an Atlas begins with determining what needs to be included in the brochure. What content can be picked up from the last version? What needs to be revised? What is brand new and needs all-new content developed? How many pages need to be devoted to each of the types of information we are presenting? What needs to be different from previous Atlases? From here, the project manager works with the Itinerary Planning, Product Development, and Onboard Operations teams, designers and copywriters, to set schedules for new content, new product names, itinerary maps, photos, product description text, and design proofs for approval.


Other factors in the initial stages of planning include WHEN does it need to be mailed, WHO will receive it, and HOW LONG it will remain in inventory for people who request a brochure from our website.  These factors determine when the art files will be due to the printer and the how many we need to print.

The best part about working on a large project like this – is seeing it all come together. There is no greater feeling than seeing the hard work from the team manifest itself in a beautifully bound brochure with fresh pages and lush imagery. We’re excited to share our Atlas with you and get you closer to unique destinations.

Windstar Cruises’ Voyage Collection brochure is COMING SOON.

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Karen gardiner
3 years ago

I would love to see a cruise on windstar that focuses on some of the Indonesian islands, beyond what you have offered last year (a good start). Startingband ending in Indonesia and making your way from Sumatra or java thru Kalimantan, sulewesi, Komodo, Timor, West Papua. The Orion did this one years ago before it was acquired by national geographic and they dropped that itinerary. We have loved two cruises on windstar and would love to go again. Thank you for “listening”.
Sincerely, Karen Gardiner

Jan Holt
3 years ago

Can’t wait to receive this so we can start planning our next adventure!!!!!!

William Gregory Perett
3 years ago

I hope there is a nice Baltic cruise in summer of 2020. 2019 only has cruises in May – too early.

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