Sketch of new Windstar submarine - Star Fish



Go deep on distinct travel experiences beyond conventional cruise lines, slipping beneath the waves to flawlessly smooth cruise conditions, gliding beneath storm fronts and resurfacing at sunny, uncrowded ports days before rerouted cruise liners return to itineraries. With a range down to 950 feet, Star Fish, Windstar’s newest and most unique cruise vessel, calmly glides to depths where surface turbulence remains undetectable, where guests savor a rich bounty of personalized touches, immersive undersea excursions, and delicious international cuisine.

Star Fish Submarine Plans
Star Fish Submarine Plans


“We initially floated a cruise submarine concept a decade ago, examining costs and feasibility” explains Windstar President Chris Prelog. “At that time it was a risky contrarian strategy, but we recognized a growing demographic among adventurous travelers who wanted to delve deeper into what all the sea can offer. Our biggest challenge was designing a 180 Degrees from Ordinary vessel with enough space to scale up to Windstar’s discerning standards of yacht-style ambiance and relaxation.”

Sketching Plans for Star Fish
Sketch Plans for Star Fish

underwater experience

In keeping with well-appointed amenities found aboard Windstar’s all-suite Star Class vessels, Star Fish offers queen-sized beds, granite-topped bathroom counters, and thanks to solid stability beneath the waves, DJ-quality LP turntables with generous album libraries. Varied and eclectic selections include remastered versions of The Beatle’s Yellow Submarine soundtrack, Van Halen’s Diver Down and extensive music from promising new artists, including Deep Sea Diver. Curved hull walls with tastefully exposed steel plating create a dreamy and ethereal acoustic ambiance abundant in flowing reverb. 

Suite with Porthole views
Suite with Porthole views

Like Signature Expeditions on our Alaska itineraries, onboard experts—in this case oceanographers and marine biologists—are on hand to field questions and enrich virtual encounters, which will include monitoring whale calls and other abundant species atop seamount peaks and beneath shadowy underwater ledges.

Underwater views
Explore the ocean floor with Star Fish

Despite being a submarine, Star Fish retains Windstar’s most popular surface yacht features. Casual interactions with the Officers on the Bridge, are now in the Control Room. Guest chefs prepare seafood during onboard demonstrations in the newly designed, Amphoras of Atlantis, a cozy restaurant featuring oversized windows to the magnificent underwater views.

“Similar to our World Spa by Windstar offering destination-inspired treatments, Amphoras of Atlantis serves up coastal cuisines— freshly shucked oysters, crisp, pan-seared calamari, salty, Barcelona-style grilled octopus tapas, and seafood linguine. We will also feature sushi and sashimi dishes, too. The daily menu changes according to what our chefs can catch swimming outside Star Fish to ensure optimal freshness.” adds Prelog.

Whale shark swimming past woman in window
Take in the views of underwater wildlife

Considering Star Fish’s unique settings, immersive perspectives, and genuine and thoughtful crew, it’s easy to see why discerning travelers would go to extraordinary depths for these unforgettable vacation experiences.

But if you are not looking to dive underwater this year, rest assured, neither are we. We wanted to deliver some 180 degrees from ordinary fun on this APRIL FOOL’S day. You can however, set a course for an upcoming sensational vacation with our Flash Sale featuring 2021 voyages from $1,099 per guest. Click here for more details. 

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Wendy Avery
2 years ago

You got me! ?????

Lee Ann Green
2 years ago

Is this real?

2 years ago

You are brilliant happy Abril 1st

Laura Hartman
2 years ago

Bummer! I was totally psyched to book clients on an underwater adventure! Oh well, good thing you have so many beautiful above water ships!!

2 years ago

April Fools! Bravo!

John Durkin
2 years ago

I f you ever need an experienced submariner I would gladly volunteer,again.
I spent 5 years on subs and would love to be able to see somthing outside. could hear alot but no windows.Only 950.and not for 60 or 80 days

Captain Nemo
2 years ago

Well Done: April Fool’s!!

Mary Bollong
2 years ago

Too funny! I love the very detailed presentation! ??

Scott Lewis
2 years ago

Outstanding!!! And just wanna know if the balcony rooms are available? #windstarRocks

2 years ago

I love Diver Down!! Congrats for having impeccable taste & including this completely underrated album! And thanks for the April Fool’s prank!

Sondra Frus
2 years ago

Delightful! I posted it on my Facebook page.

2 years ago

April Fools ?

2 years ago

THIS was hysterical!!

2 years ago

April Fool’s….

Jim West
2 years ago

Sign me up! I’m worried about that young lady reading a book while a whale shark plays outside her window! What big windows! Perhaps Windstar yould sell that technology to the Navy.

2 years ago

Well done, Windstar! Great joke

Debra Hurst
2 years ago

I LOVE THIS! My only Aprils Fools gag, and its a winner! Leave it to you guys to lead the field as always! Sign me up, let’s go deep! Thanks for the well deserved laugh…..I’d follow you anywhere!
Debra Hurst
Camarillo Travel

2 years ago

I so wanted this to be true!!

Elizabeth Fauntleroy-Hughley
2 years ago

I would like to go on the submarine,it would be a great experience

2 years ago

You had me going. Good one. We need a sense of humor in these times. Thanks.

2 years ago

good one?????

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