Star Pride Transformation




Star Pride’s Guest Service Manager Kristy provides an inside look at the transformation of Windstar’s newest yacht. Windstar took delivery of Star Pride  on April 17th, the ship is in the middle of a three week transformation in Barcelona, Spain. The maiden voyage sets sail on May 5th.


Barcelona, Spain
Security Supervisor Nelson and Laundry Supervisor Rustam anxiously wait to board.


Day 1: Star Pride Flag raising ceremony

Windstar flag 1
Corporate Team Members and Yacht Senior Officers
windstar flag 2
Corporate Team Members and Yacht Senior Officers
Star Pride 2
Destination Manager Travis, Chief Officer Gerard, 2nd Officer Sam & Team Member Rachel
PicMonkey Collage 5
Bartender Cesar (left)
Team Member Rachel & GSM Kristy (right)
Star Pride 5
Housekeeping Crew

Star Pride Transformation Q & A with the Inaugural Team

Q: In your Area, what high level changes are happenings?

A: Chief Officer Gerard“What level of changes are happening…..well, loads!  All the wooden railings are being sanded and varnished; Star Pride has been put up on the stern and starboard side. There is lots of chipping and painting going on all over the yacht. The new Windstar logo should be placed tomorrow before we turn. We are training everyone in their respective emergency functions; there is quite a lot of work to be done! “


Trimline Interiors (the team working on the transformation)
Star Pride Deck Team
Star Pride Deck Team

A: Chief Electrician Matt“As far as my area goes there are a lot of changes taking place. There is a new lighting design going into the guest cabins, as well as the passageways where we are now putting lights for the art work. A new lighting and sound system is going into the outside bar (Star Bar) on Deck 8. There will be new lighting in the Yacht Club on Deck 8 along with TV’s and the new coffee/ sandwich bar area and internet points. A whole new lighting scheme and sound system and new 60” internet capable TV’s are going into the Casino on Deck 6. New lighting will be going in and around the Reception area on Deck 5.”   

Chief Engineer Rick with his engine team

Q: What are you preparing for Sea Trials?

A: Chief Officer Gerard: “As for the Sea Trials our task is to try everything out, including the Watersports Platform, tenders, and … well, everything! This is a very interesting time with plenty of challenges already hurdled, and many more yet to leap … but with the team we have here, I have no doubt that we are going to be accomplishing great things. It is a very capable team.”

A: Chief Electrician Matt“We will be testing all of the lights and power to make sure they stay on when it should and go off when they should.” 

A: Guest Services Manager Kristy: “Our Reception Team is preparing all of the guest information for the Inaugural Sailing; it is so nice to see so many familiar names! We are also preparing our dances for the ever popular Crew Show & BBQ Deck Party. We’ve got some new moves … it is going to be fantastic!”

 PicMonkey Collage 4


A: Executive Sous Chef Jean-Pierre: “The galley team is busy preparing all of the menus for the Inaugural Sailing. We have our complete team under the supervision of Executive Chef Rohit.” 

When asked what the favorite dish has been during the refit for the Contractors & Crew, Jean-Pierre replied,  “Chef Rohit’s Chicken Curry without a doubt!”


Executive Chef Rohit with his galley team


Q: What do you like most/find interesting about Star Pride?

A: Guest Services Manager Kristy: “This yacht is stunning. From the moment we walked on, we knew it was the perfect addition to the fleet. Our guests are going to love the different venues, the spacious suites and marble baths. I am most excited to see the transformation of the Yacht Club on Deck 8.”

A: Chief Electrician Matt“I am enjoying the challenge of getting to know the yacht and understanding her little quirks.”

A: Photographer Jona“My favorite part of the yacht is the spiral staircase; visually it will be an excellent area for photos!”


Dining room team un-packing AmphorA
Housekeeping Department with Chief Housekeeper Ravi
F&B Manager Dave with his bar team
DR Manager Lilla, Assistant DRM’s Dadang & Yogo & the DR team
3rd Officer Oliver
Executive Chef Rohit & Hotel Manager Savvas

Windstar Cruises Logo

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