• Mary Nagy Youngman

    I love the new logo – but there’s a part of me that is sad the old one is gone as it’s attached to lots of shirts with lots ot memories of great adventures. However now I get to move to new memories and a new yacht come July.

  • Gary Hall

    Sorry, disappointed with new look.

    Unfortunately its always easier to be a critic than a fan on the internet. While the existing logo was used in a tired manner. A simple rethink and re-application of the existing logo type likely would have achieved more of your goals than the new logo does. There was a classic (not classy) understated elegance to the existing typography that was unique amongst Cruise brands. Now the new logo feels bland generic. It feels like it came out of an in-house design team without much inspiration. It fails to even meet the level of design presentation the current Windstar websites, pages, brochures etc—which is quite high quality. Not sure what went wrong. But I guess it is classy—which ironically in current usage the word or term ‘classy’ suggests its mocking class itself.

  • Gary Hall

    Did anyone else think it looks familiar? Have a look at the Make-a-Wish foundation logo?

  • I like both logos, but the new one is more according to what’s trending in fonts right now.

  • Susan Romig

    I like the new Windstar Logo, however, I don’t like the new web site. In particular the blue menu at the bottom. Would you get rid of that? It is annoying, makes it harder to read the information you want to read, is in the way. I believe it would be better to have this menu be collapsable.

    Also, I’m unable to get any results for ‘Single Travel’. Are singles not encouraged to join a cruise?

    • Hi Susan,
      Thanks for your feedback, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our website, we will pass this on to our marketing team.
      As for the single rates, we are offering some single supplement cruises, please contact our VacationPlanning department for more information.

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